posted on February 25, 2006 at 2:00 am

once i lived in lemuria
oh such a long long time ago
the cool shade of the temples
lianabound columns of marble
the statues of ra zeus and baal
impossible to recommend
or deny
the lemurian priests
with their oiled beards and their
deadly wands
they have charged with restless
and angry elements
and elementals
they summon ra zeus
in their mountain top shrines
none may enter
under pain of death
you wont believe this
but i saw him in the thunderflash
i saw him rise out of that churning
african ocean
five hundred feet tall
he fell out of the sky
as well
light as air
inside your head and heart
knowing what you gonna think
knowing what you gonna feel
railing at the priests
the priests do their things
to placate r z
terrible things
beautiful things
they pay their obeisances
in a sumerian language
but not as old as ours
we know so many things
riding the wind with yer soul
impossible restraint
diamond like will
the ability to understand
and the understanding
that comes with knowledge
so many different paths
so many different ways thissa
coulda gone
the gardens inside out houses
tropics lie hidden in haze
oh the lemurian women, my friends
their gracious ways
nights in the junglestrangled darkness
what we did to our enemies
when we captured em
sent their souls screaming silently
to the pit
our beautiful money
too pretty to even spend
and the monkeys
waiting patiently
for it to all go wrong
for the magic to bite us on the ass
you see we’d perfected some bits
but in other ways
we were just barbarians
see ya round

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