posted on November 3, 2011 at 3:43 pm

without a world between them

impotent ham with wand of ash stood on cliff

and the onrushing sky crashed on the rocks below

and the ocean heaving itself upon the land like a beast

delusional wizard summons the tempest in latin and algebra

in forbidden languages normally unspoken under starburn

oh yes and see the weather listens to him so far away

a black dread hath filled the galleons sail

and smoke and cloud seem to mingle in tingling darknesses

and the first huge fat warm raindrop hits his daughters head like a tear

and the good elemental appears within invisibility

lightning bolt arcs towards the vomiting sea

a sickening white flash burns eye and the screaming of men

the sea is the colour of the coldest metal and its spume is bright green

the timbers are wrecked and hear us all groan as we are pulled down

its then i see i am coming from all perspectives

this is possible in poem only you see i am all players

the seawater is boiling cold inside my hoarse head

the exertion of my last great trick hath exhausted me

my daughter each in a tower of their own making

i wander in the woods i have tamed in my exile

i am the slinking thing the bad elemental

i am the lost and innocent sailor

i am the heartless and usurping brother

i am the hopeful son amidst all this wreckage

i am the leaves on the windlashed trees

and i am the salt that whirls through the air

in every flower and creature i see myself lurking

in every creek and lagoon

oh a wild grey day has come down on my island inside

where i star as myself  and it is written

cheats never prospero

and it is said that lightning is clean and faster than light

and that evil can be cleansed and washed from our hands

good and evil both work for me

but time still enslaves you and whips me ahead

the magic i do is but sleight of mind

and everything here an aspect of me

even the ending where all is made new

invitation to begin again




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