posted on October 24, 2010 at 9:34 am

a reasonably full house

an amazing band

the incredible music of glenn bennie

philippa sang beautifully

ricky on 12 string ac

me jumping about loving every minute

we verily n truly doth rock

rock we came for rock we did

wonderful stuff

glenns stuff is like no one elses in this whole world

powerful moody evocative stuff

i sang well ….didnt i

the band played a fucking blinder

these guys are tight n they are on

a great night

please i dont know what else to say

except it was a rare perfect night a dream gig

please put some reviews in here

jasperina ? di n therese ?

tell em how good it was

the wilde chiilde?

go on review it!

love on you all

if youre in melby you better come

much much love on all of ya


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