posted on March 28, 2006 at 4:42 am

im sitting in a swanky part of mell-bin
in a real hip ultra cool e lounge
the cream of mell-bins goffs
and intelligencia
sit around drinkin’coffee
smokin putrid cigs
and passing their time
in sophistry n idle banter
im in a dark little non smokin’section
and its really got underground feele

yeah thats rite
back here to launch whatsitsname
with my groop the thingos
playin at el swanko niteclubb (sold out)
down in the posh toffee nosed part o town
what do all these boheemian layabouts do for a living?
they dont seem short of caffeine or expensive close
theyd all bee better off in the army
make men outta em

well how wassit last nite if ya was there?
i had a strangely lethargic nite
and it was being filmed n all
in all our raw glory

still what can i say?
i dunno if it was goode or badde
and ya shouldnt n wouldnt trust my o’pinion
tonite we dissolve the continuum
take ya where ya wanna go for an hour or so
we got the stuff that it takes
we’re ready
we’re waiting
a whole lotta rocknroll
oooohhhh lawdy mama
a wop lopped a bigblock
a whopper banged bloom
im a howlin’wolf
i go o oo oo ee oo
bye bye

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