posted on August 15, 2015 at 7:57 am
the night

the night

we  drive on into a deep summer day

cool dark dressing rooms out the back of the gig

off the bus on the bus

pleasant green surrounds

the smell of pines

do yoga alongside bus in the shade

pleasant young lady copper drives up

I’m smoking mother nature which i hold behind me

she rolls down window

she is quite a cutie in her uniform

dark skin but blonde hair

sir i’m just making sure everything is alright back here

yes quite alright quite alright

the damn spliff burns on behind my back

the officer smiles

sir i don’t mind if you smoke back here

phew i say

I’m doing yoga too i say for no good reason

i wish i could do yoga too she says laughing and driving off

ok ok

I’m getting confused where this was now

we get on the bus and pop up every day somewhere new

the seaside with all the amusement parks rising bold and stark

the saltwater taffy and the knick-knack shops

i saw a good t shirt which said

what goes on at grandmas place stays at grandmas place

yeah i jump in the sea for 5 minutes its pretty cold

now we are up in maine in portland in the eastern tip i think

we are doing the blurred crusade plus show tonight

had some delicious mexican with haugie

wow this is a weird life

but its all rushing past like in life speeds up

i walk out there and theres the bass

patiently waiting for me like a hound

this is the big moment right

when i pick it up n sling it round my neck

yeah somebody cheers

as i walk up to the mic

i begin to pluck it

and the voice glides out of throat

just like yesterday once more



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