posted on March 25, 2009 at 8:06 pm

little steven lived in his naive world
at the end of ninny street
he liked to count his lute
he like to dabble with his paintbox
he liked to go to the park
and feed the dux
he was happy with a tomato sandwich
all he asked for was a sip of water
all he ever needed he squeezed in a little bag
and he roamed around
through the foaming gloaming
threw the cartoon woods
where his strange painted bird lived
in n out of hollow trees
his daughters were dryads
aurora was the spirit of an ash
eve the spirit of an oak
and little scarlet was the spirit of a tiny red gum sapling
the sun wasnt shining that day
so he painted an acrylic yellow glow up in the corner
of the archangel sky
and wind gods who blew jasmine and spice
and all on a little flat piece of wood
and his two elder daughters appear
of the eldar race they were
twin spirits of the two rivers
anna miranda was the tigris
elektra june was the euphrates
and the moon swung down low all pink n confidential
and oh
i strolled through my world
thinking music to a computer who recorded my thoughts
i pumped out all the symphonies and songs i would never have time
to actually write
this way my constant creativity was drained away from me and cooled
because it drives you mad sometimes
when you dont want it
i sat down to answer my letters
dear steven
can we have more gazelles in the garden?
herbert and jenny frobish

dear herbert and jenny
consider it done!
yours truly
little steven k

dear l. steven
i like the colour of the flamingoes
dont change it!
love mopsy and ted

dear mopsy n teddy
i wont!

i was proceeding in this manner
when i noticed men working in my woods
no no no you cant work in here! i yelled yet
there they were
hammering stuff up
knocking stuff down
crushing robins and squirrels underfoot
smudging all the colours in my world
my sister kathy came running out
oh dear brother stop this madness!
a big space had been cleared in my wood
a horrible circus appeared complete with clowns n animals
i was most distressed to see a mangy old black panther
prowling around in a dark cage
and growling feebly and laying back down with a groan
immediately clowns appeared and prodded n mocked the great cat
an ugly old stripper twirled her dirty jugs and winked at me
i hid my eyes and blocked my ears to the distant trumpeting
of a distressed elephant
steven do something ! kathy screamed fighting off a bat
the newspapers had arrived
the gutter press
the gossip rags
no this is my naive world ! i shouted
as a new caffeine franchise was executed
as a suave doctor in a nice suit listened to my naive heart
here take this he said
tossing me a pack of amiodarone
now my heart beat is de- regulated
now tariffs appeared on my borders
now i filled in a questionaire about their performance
no i was most unhappy
violently ticking off the boxes
the bees were killed by their wasps
their dogs ate my bunnies
their cats clawed my baby birds
their money had bought me up
their contracts had tricked me forever
their traps had tripped me over
they built a school and filled it with fools
they taught us how to learn their words
they guided us in their paths
they muscled in on my silences
they sniggered at my sensitivities
they guffawed at my little sword
kathy fought off a hyaena-man
dad was fighting off angina pectoris
my woods
my cartoon woods
my softly emerald green dripping woods
home to cute lil beasties and woodland folk
i run around trying to stop it
but i achieve nothing
except getting exhausted
losing my breath
firing out words
grasping at strauss
going down slow
this is the zeitgeist mall
this is the underground car park ten miles deep
this is the black widow funeral parlour
this is the fucknuckle brothers giant wearhouse
this is country piggie fast food drive thru
this is mega drug store rx plus smokes
this is dark satanic milk
this is fried chicken bits dipped in grease
this is lonely boy
this is actually that
this is really happening….
stay tuned!

the hole truth!

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