posted on April 12, 2013 at 8:31 pm
          today tripper

today tripper

gotta creature all thumbs dumbed up pumped

my fender in some coliseum killed a roman pup

little jupiter says man this is so fucked up

them christians got all the good songs

anyway you sing em  anyway you bring em

in old etruscan dancehall apollo was fretting his axe

fuck man he said i could do with some fuckin’ space

the wine is cheap the food is cold who the fuck do you think i am…?

i aint goin’ on until someone finds me some little iambic lamb

it was already 9 thirty man the crowd getting real uneasy

yeah i had some trouble with some ithacan cats

i dont wanna talk about it

fuck you baby too much nepenthe..a smack in the face wakes me up

i told you not to have too much of that nepenthe…she says and sways away

daedulus and the boys playing the iao iao iao album in its entirety

fuck some pretty women come in here tuesdays gasps some soldier

leave your fucking spears outside sunshine

some volcano ominous rumbling and grumbling off in italics

let the booze let the blood flow

outside in the slightly chilly air where a crystal moon had shattered

the rivermen paddle home silent as black raven crows

the reeds seem to whisper nothing the rushes are muted

unusually the stones refrain from song

out of the clouds the moment comes shining

suddenly my head comes alive with warmest sensations

mexico filament

tangerine realms as titanium is filled with blood

thats all you can think of wherever the warmth is

and you follow it till it turns curdled and cold

leaving you shipwrecked and old on a mist phased coast

abandoned…your post








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