posted on January 15, 2011 at 2:05 pm

gather round all you clowns

in the middle of the night we hit the streets in the car

the world is quiet so quiet

we cruise and cruise  the empty streets

we get to the place and wait

eventually he appears looking shifty

he jumps in the car

transaction is made

a bit of small talk n hes off n away

we go home

we take off our clothes and start to touch each other

we kiss for hours it seems

we walk about the house interacting

i heat up and i have a cold shower to cool down

but the cold water is still luke warm

you float about in some heavy lidded dream

i say come here

i say show me everything

i say tell me everything

i say give me everything

i sit back in the soft furniture in the warm soft remnant of night

dawn is coming again

rosy fingered dawn in the eastern sky

the clouds are spread thick on the night

we fool around languidly almost absent mindedly

whispering things we never will remember

oh well youre quite unashamed arent you

i ask you to look me in the eyes

but you keep averting your gaze

moving in and out of focus

but your hands are everywhere at once

setting things straight and putting things away

i have forgotten most of it

my mind contains a lovely space full of potential

everything is suspended in mid air

time moves like treacle oozing off a spoon

white sweet smoke

i sip some water my throat is so dry

you are  nicely compliant like youre just a part of my dream

do this i say

ok you say

do that i say

ok you say

voices on the street outside

the dawn birds begin to twitter in their feather lined nests

my head hits the pillow

my mind never turns off

i am living in the margins slipping through the cracks

i become even thinner than before

my face has taken on new hollows new lines new character

my eyes stare through my closed lids

i look into souls i look into darknesses

you seem to be asleep immediately

lying limbs akimbo your mouth open slightly

your spirit is out there in the ether now

you are inaccessible to me for a while

i just lie there waiting for blessed sleep

when it comes it comes deep n black like a void like a nothing

nothing really you could know

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