posted on March 14, 2006 at 2:26 am

elisabeth bursts into my dressing room
whoops sorry…hey, it smells goode in here bouys…
mind if i pull up a throne?

the chchru look around between themselves
were havin a bizness meeting actually..

elisabeth frowns
give us a toke and i’ll piss off
she undoes a crown lager with her cigarette lighter

i hand her my spliff
which is a blend of gippsland organic
and some bondi junction hydro

i didnt know ya smoked i exhaled

yeah yeah sure sure
but i get so fucking bored at all these ceremonies
what else is here to do?
john lennon got me started…
any way my great granny vickie smoked like a fiend
for her periods and that kinda thing..
stoned periods more like…

she coughs a bit
i hate the way you bloody aussies
do it without tobacco

tp looks up
so beggars can be choosers?
with his damaged nose he looks menacing

sorry boys
i didnae mean it to sound like a complaint
she stands up
straightens her frock
and kicks her corgi up the arse
come on you little bastard
oooohhhh hes such a lazy little sod

she leaves
before we have a chance to say anything at all
she pokes her head round the door again
her eyes by now red and rolling
mums the word allright?
she taps her nose and gives us a wink

ten minutes later a knock at the door
a tall elderly gent
sorry to interrupt olde bean but…

yeah yeah i say
cmon in

after phil has toked up
he takes me aside
no chance of any of that he says
touching his right nostril
and grinning

you gotta go down the athletes village for that

he laughs and departs
oh one last thing boys
mums the word….ok?

sure you olde regent
except fer mah bloggy


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