posted on July 14, 2015 at 10:29 pm


electric city electricity man i’m sorry i switched off there

your difficulty in seeing in the glorious light is soft where

australia yeah i went out with her

australia lay down  under where

hey its snowing down town haul yourself to wall it up

lie down in the veil  it will not fail to call it up

streaming live like a salmon

a farmer in a fuckin’ famine

you shot me mister thats a blister on my finish

you attend right at the very end..friend or blemish

yeah im so cool with my soba noodle and my drunken strudel

and my salamander inspired desert boot it up you oblivious poodle

everyone in this town is a fraud good lord now fucking applaud me

everyone in this dump is something

enamel nail camel tow fairy floss i am at a loss to know

you sirrah are the one and only never lonely love me only mr gloss to go

you go in for the kill be kind the thrills a steal be mindful

oh my fingers dancing on these strings brings things wings might sing

oh discordant sting among the young sleepers jeepers creepers furthers deepers

finders re:joyce and losers fucking weepers

i’m singing now for my supper its not such an upper like the clean sweepers

i’m down on the corner of st luke and st mark street

where the palm trees and  little park meet

freezing pleasing no body but i’m sitting on a seat feeling incomplete

nothing like nothing swirling whirling round your poor old feet

nothing like the flash bar on the pontoon we took those girls from rangoon

we ordered drinks called the sphinx and martinis came namelessly except ’40 winks’

so called cos youre eyeballed and should be soon recalled if the moon shall shine

mr gloss man you collided with a guided tour

you chucked stevia in the deep end where the poor send money to some evangelistas door

the baristas at the gig were all big wankers a thankless fucking chore (i’m sure)

back in your hotel closely resembling the assembling hell of a priest at least far as i can tell

we smiled as the girls took from the wardrobes the bathrobes the hotel hoped to sell

went to the fridge and poured us a drop and we all popped a hopper until we all had to stop

oh their skin was almost as pale as the  powder proudly weighed in your scales

and their eyes were almost as dark as the shark infested seas of the new antipodes

and their names were so hard to pronounce as they flounced about in front of us

so you called them both may and when day came you lamely named em zipporah

and when day came it found us floundering foundered routed shouted down a common clown

mr gloss man i am at a loss man to tell you why i wrote this poem

but if you know em like i do you know

its all much ado about nothing really

aint it, hero?











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