posted on April 3, 2009 at 8:10 pm

very keen to disarrange his mind
kilbey plunged into the world of the illegal drugs
he quickly became friends with marijuana cannabis and hemp
(a legal firm : marijuana, cannabis and hemp)
he’d tried drinking
and frankly
it gave up no visions
it made him feel sick
but of marijuana he quickly became an intimate aquaintance
and sampled it in all its forms
the thirty dollar deal of homegrown leaf
the primo buddha sticks
hashish made from the pollen of the flowering heads
hash oil extracted from hash
hydroponic grown under lights
sativa n indica the two varieties
hash ice from a cold extraction process
maui wowie
white widow
northern lights
you name it
i had it
i smoked it
i inhaled it
i ingested it
and its somewhere behind virtually every single song of mine
that you ever heard
pot was put here as a blessing for the musicians n writers
who find it helps get things going
i been doing it nearly 40 years
it cant be THAT bad for ya
its not that good for ya i’m sure
but it cant be that bad
the western govts have outlawed this drug unfairly
its a travesty
my friend is still in jail because he dared have too much in his garden
the government has said
this plant is so evil
so bad for you
that we will lock you up
for yer own protection….
yeah right
thanks idiots
what a pathetic world
my mate in jail
n george bush free….HA!
kilbey then tried the hallucinogens
lsd which can be highly elevating
or deeply distressing
i never liked the strychnine in the stomach feeling much
i didnt like how it kept you awake after it wore off
i liked the meaningfulness i found in it
i liked the way it helped me perceive that all was one
that it was all connected
i liked the way it made me reinterpret music and art
i liked the special feeling it gave me like i was in the know
then kilbey had mushrooms
which were like a gentler more natural lsd
they put a big grin on yer face
i tried dmt (not that long ago i 1st had it)
thats something else again
its a huge information download
its a message from yer fucking sponsor
its the aliens talking to us
its a new mathematical/art pyramid
revolving in yer head suggesting aesthetic solutions
then theres the san pedro cactus
which is mescaline, baby
oh my oh my
that one is wild and weird
and its actually good for yer heart n bloodpressure, fair dinkum
this is a total trip so dont go down the disco
you can buy san pedros anywhere
so buy one
get online n read preparation instructions
visit some other south american magic realistic uni-verse
i also smoked diviner sage
which i do not recommend
it made me feel weird for days
i did not enjoy its weird revelations
it had no art or music for me
i smoked angel dust…horrible
i smoked ice….now thats a warm nice n dangerous feeling
yeah ice is like smack in that
its not a spectacular feeling
but just a very subtle warm detachment
if you hate yerself its a very attractive feeling
of course
just like smack
when you dont have it
everything you hated about yerself
will be multiplied a thousand fold
so it gives a little
but it takes a lot
ive snorted n shot amphetamines too
once again not an outrageous drug like mescaline
you feel alert talkative benevolent…at first
if you keep going you end up fried like an olde egg
but if you had a snort every now n then
(and could keep it to that)
it wouldnt really do you any harm
speed makes me horny
like ecstasy does too
as does cocaine
(giving the desire but sometimes removing the wherewithal)
cocaine is a complex n highly addictive drug
i snorted it
i free based it
i smoked it as crack
i shot it up
its subtle
its so dangerous
the best stuff is so delicious
the bad stuff is so fucking bad
either way
if you have too much
say goodbye to your creativity
itll flee ya baby
never to return
it dont mix with my music
it dont mix with my creativity
it dont enhance my enjoyment of music
but it makes ya horny
(yesterdays quote from nk : yoga makes me horny
i say : does it?
her (after some thought) : everything makes me horny)
ooh cocaine ‘ll destroy ya in ways you never imagined
and i never was addicted to it
but i certainly have been n could be again obsessed with it
if you had the good stuff n it didnt make you obsessed…..
i wonder…
but it wont write a song for ya like pot or acid
and its really very nasty stuff
it fucked marco boleyns creativity and TOTALLY!
if only you had a little time lapse dispenser
that could give you a tiny line once in a blue moon
but i doubt youll be able to control yerself…
lab rats will choose cocaine over food n horny she-rats
they will suffer running over electric currents to get to it
if allowed they’ll snort emselves to death
so beware all you rats
then we have a weird drug like ketamine
neither pleasant or unpleasant
ketamine kicks ya into the astral plane
and its very hard to describe it
not a lotta fun
but possible inspiration
if you wanna think on another level
i wouldnt really care to do it again myself
laughing gas which i love
n wouldnt mind trying some more
i get it at the dentist
but he never turns it up enough
the reveries are strange n fleeting
ayahuasca..the vine…
only did it once
not really qualified to say much but wow!
could be the big one
the really inspiring one
stay tuned!
the opiates are problematical drugs
ive had opium morphine heroin methadone oxy contin
bupa norphene (however you spell it)
i tell ya this
they will all fuck you beyond belief
they will not make you horny
they will not give you savoir-faire
but if you dare
in the honeymoon stage of opiates
you may find some groovy inspiration
but look what happened to me
although priest =aura was my opium album
i just became a very boring junky
and all junkies are boring
and methadone is real rubbish
really bad for ya
much worse than smack
a million times harder to get off of
kava kava is a pleasant dreamy drug
guarana is interesting in higher doses
caffeine can be nice or nasty
nicotine is a niggly little drug
being straight can be great
being stoned can be groovy
it aint a legal issue
maybe a health or moral issue
but not a legal issue
no more than sexuality should be a legal issue
i resent the millions of men n women locked up for drugs
one day in the future
this will be perceived as barbarism
just like the way we treat animals
but its hard to break out of old paradigms of thought
some people would rather have a gun owner next door
than a pot smoker
some people think breast feeding in public is obscene
some people think its ok to drop smart bombs on dumb civilians
specially if they live far away n arent white or speaka da english
the drug laws create the crime associated with drugs
just like prohibition created crime with alcohol
remove them n you remove crime
let drugs be a medical issue
let people decide for themselves
like they do with food
i mean obesity kills more people than smack
by a long shot
but i dont see em making big macs or kfc illegal soon
i dont see em making wars illegal soon
but they take away one of mankinds consolations
to change ones consciousness
searching for inspiration
searching for answers
searching for oblivion
searching for another take another view
bullshit thats not my right!
god made a mistake when he made the poppy or the vine?
marijuana is an implicitly evil thing n should be eradicated?
people taking ecstasy should be arrested n slung in jail?
for our own fucking good?
voice in another room : YEAH RIGHT!!!

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