posted on April 1, 2007 at 8:51 pm

medieval pause
its coming to me
you wont believe it
open your mind
im coming aboard
im swarming through your neurons now
you can hear my voice with every fibre of your time being
behind your eyes
in the corner of your mind
on your fingertips
time streams away from you
we are hurtling into futures
we are hurting for time
we are free falling into the abyss
screaming down the black corridor
headlong in april
and still
we pick up speed
slippery tendrils we grasp at
but to no avail
even me
with all this
going down n in
when you get used to it
if you get used to it
and you try for brief moments
to remain still inside the flux
frozen within lava
you’ll notice somethings
at first you’ll be confused, of course
life on life on life
it may seem that
youve got all the time
in the world
you may suddenly feel as if youre moving in slo-mo
you may encounter spirit chatter and buzzing sounds
you may shudder or burn up
you may hit inanimate objects d’art
everything will be revealed
but you wont understand it
cos we cant understand it yet
its too much
itll turn you inside out
its so simple
its so huge
its so easy
easy to smash into
and everything crumples
a second truly becomes an hour
youve collided with the vanishing point
youve blown through the distant horizon
impression of shattered silver shooting through the air
and the thorns will tear you
and the fragments will penetrate your shell
and rip off the skin
in the empty place
in the space between the houses
in the black streaked mornings on perspex screens
when you realise youve never been more alone
when you realise that it must be over
when no one can hear your thoughts
where the ending should be or else
and im looking for you somewhere
but its too late
im too far away
barking up the wrong tree
how was i to know?
and in the world without you….
the people there
forever a stranger
who can read these signs?
who understands this system?
you retreat
they advance
a smothered alien ive become
searching for a needle in my haystack
shooting up the rapids
and all of that
yes i expect so
talking with the giants of music
walking down flowered paths
oh what good will it do me?
being alone is not freedom
gardens and conversations appear n fade
parties yachts coloured lights on black water
scenes fly past in a haze
lost in a one way street
arguing with my father
collapsing at the start
being chased thru a park by bullies
howling for my blood
outside christine camerons on my bike
why she had blue teeth because she drank ink….
noels mother never liked me
that naive baby…..
its like a village isnt it?
the pervading odours of the winery
wolves at the door
theyre asking after you
gloves on the floor
theyre reaching after you
they want you
i walked through my first fog
without you
i fell off and cut my leg
a bird attacked me out of the blue
at first the sonorous beating of its wings puzzled me
then it hit my head with its beak n claws
screaming as it dived
and then it soared off above me
becoming a black point in the blazing southern sky
and summers probed me with scorching days
lawns withered and reflourished
rain fell in buckets
we went to the rivers and fished
the whirlpool ever alert
sucked at my feet with fingers of weeds
somebody must have saved me
im typing away here aint i?
im still here in the land of the living
today at least
maybe some important details ive left out
maybe the contents have shifted during your voyage
maybe all the appointments have been cancelled
and all the arrangements postponed
what if this road leads you astray
or this night finds you lost
and where will it end?
no one else could have written it

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