posted on March 14, 2013 at 7:57 pm
vis a vis

vis a vis

so olde and tired

i end up in melbourne

ready to do 2 more nights of van park

come and see it for god sake

mechanics hall oakleigh fri and sat

it may be the final nights who can tell?

now im in a generic hotel cell

not the best or worst

everything muted

no fresh air available

ive done so much stuff lately

i cant even remember yesterdays name

or the music i made in some doped prism

i hurtle into the future nonetheless

hedges houses ditches

i write this and that

and things come together

fall apart

and yet some dream finds continuity in my sleep

where i’m hiding and persecuted in my underground

the traffic drones floors below my high room

mirrored in black glass that same old face

haggard rider of minds

diaspora of suburbia

ibis in glen waverly

tonight with vietnamese food

sam sejavka and john paul young

autumn rolls out of parks and drives

we go up to our rooms

and then sleep hits like a drug

and i dont care anymore

ive done my bit for a day

weary as weary can well be



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