posted on July 27, 2006 at 9:21 pm

what should i tell em?

tell em nevets, tell em about the gig in houston
oh yeah..the gig in houston….
well i keep thinkin’ about this band called
the sacred cowboys
from melbourne
and they hadda song called
nothing grows in texas
and as i landed in houston
i thought how fuckin wrong they were
cos its greene here
and everything is growing all over the place
we hadda nold black lady called patricia drivin’ our cab
whaddya think of the bush family, patricia?
what do yall think? she replies
no no we say
what do you think?
well i don’ wanna say says patricia
cos of that little camera watching us up there…
she points to camera mounted in roof of cab
well i think theyre all pricks i volunteer
she looks at me n smiles
yeah i guess im along the same lines as you honey..

the gig is a huge old warehouse downtown
its a cavernous place
we get a not too bad amount o people
and they dig it
we’re a little raggedy n nervy but we
getta cuppla encores blah blah blah
(you see i cant really review my own shows
can i?)
afterwards a nice mexican woman tells me her 2 year old son
is learning to sing metropolis
fair enuff
we pack up n drive to austin
capital of texass
rob dickenson whose opening for us
drives our car
he wassa in a group called the catherine wheel
now hes solo
hes good too
and the audiences really dig him
last nite he came on in our encore
and slid behind the drum kit
i didnt notice for a while until the song
didnt seem to be going where it usually did
i look up and theres rob bashing the kit
while powlesy standin round shakin a tambo
robs an english guy livin in l.a.
hes pretty funny too
and we instantly like him
and hes one o the family
which means he gets to see all our squabbles n sulks
we get in about 6 am in the morning
our motel here is swarming with coppers
whats happnin officeer
i ask some porky sergeant
oh just some dead guy in a car he says
im shocked by his nonchalance
hes far more interested in who we are and where we’re playing
than “the dead guy”
would an aussie cop be so fucking callous…?
i guess these cops have seen it all
i wake up round one
and do my chi gong n yoga routine
whilst listnin to the instrumental ambient mixes of mimesis
nice work, polinski
i take my hat off to ya
and i wish i was in sandringham melbourne
in the cold winter
than here in this hot swampy heat
i look out my window
peddlars, beggars, flower sellers, tramps, hookers, n dealers
are plying their trades
at this huge intersection
where 16 lanes of traffic meet
some cops come along
and handcuff some n take em away
im always shocked by how america treats her poor
i mean
you gotta nuff money to invade afgannystan n irak
but people here
(where fucknuckle w bush was the gov)
are so poor n desperate
where is the compassion?
how can you enjoy yer fuckin priveleged lives
n just drive past these unfortunates like they didnt exist?
i saw a rich bitch once step over a convulsing tramp
as she got outta her limo in new york upper east side
like he was garbage…
didja know georgey w
that yer bible says
that its harder for a rich man to enter heaven
than a camel to pass thru a needles eye…?!
that means that all yer ill gotten gains
gonna disappear when you shuck off yer mortal coil
but you aint learnt yer lesson
its no good havin money when every body else is
livin in abject indecent needless poverty
but georgey boy
you dont give a damn
do ya?
but no one gets off scott free
and im sure theres a little equalling up the score
gonna happen
cos every action hassa equal n opposite reaction
and i can see the fuckin heavy judgement gonna send them
white rich warmongering IMBECILES
watch out
yer next life s just around the corner
make the most of this one
vishnu sittin in yer hearts
hes watching everything
hes listnin to yer thoughts
he knows if you been good or bad
so be good fer goodness sake
its just like ole nostradamus said
its all gonna begin in the fucking middle east
the end o the world
(as we know it)
(and i feel sick)
you stupid idiots
all of ya
every goose who thinks rockets n tanx
can solve the problems of this world
i dont know
israel, lebanon, palestine
who can unentangle this mess?
but surely…
i wanna scream
when will we ever fucking learn?
we can build n fly huge aeroplanes
that can fly 4 hundred people atta time
we can trace genetic code
we can go into space
we can work out the largest prime numbers
and irrigate deserts
we can build tiny computers that can hold more info
than a library
but we just keep killing each other
i dont have any answers people
but why do we all have to go down the drain
for these belligerent bloody bastards…?
that leaves me in my hotel in austin texarse
the heart of bush cuntry
but also a fantastic music town
fulla bohemians n hippies n artists n musos
n veggy restaurants n trees n students n good things
a place where the uber”straights” n the bohos
rub shoulders
im leaving for soundcheque in 30 mins
im gonna try n ring my family
see if they still remember their big daddy
thats it fiendss
if yer from austin n coming tonite
bring me some jazz ciggies if ya wanna good show
if not


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