posted on October 14, 2013 at 1:37 pm
SF intl airport

SF intl airport

american adventure over

i did 2 shows

i did one exhibition

i did 3 rehearsals

i tramped around san francisco for 2 days

i ate about 10 meals at the veggie grill on sunset blvde

i smoked some medical jazz

i met groovy people like alain johannes and mark mcguire

who played with me and greg dulli

i hung out with thomas negovan and gail potocki who know their art

had dinner with John T my attorney at real food daily

i met davida and pablo and debby w

and casper von dj who i stayed with

i gave money to beggars and people with limbs missing

i cant believe the usa has money to bomb the middle east

yet in san fran the beggars are legion and crazy and suffering and cold and hungry

oh yeah i forgot that’d be socialism to take care of them

we cant have that , can we?

it breaks my fucking heart what can i say?

as far as the gigs went i believe i acquitted myself well

didnt make many mistakes and was pretty vibed up

who knows where this will eventually lead with me and GD…?

now im sitting here waiting to fly back

the flight here was a shocker bumpy and scary

please lord let this be smooth

i arrive home on my twins eve and auroras 14th birthday

scarlet turns 8 on the 17th as well

yeah ok thats it

hopefully see ya all back in sydney soon

sk.. some mexican place at airport




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