posted on March 20, 2008 at 9:17 pm

” like a new cybernetic code
hacking the logic of a closed system,
christs parables break open ordinary sense
to introduce paradoxes that subvert syntactical logic ‘
” unfortunately he did not save our souls through the crucifixion.
instead, he showed us the path –
a template for selfless action that can be internalised and followed
if we make the free choice to evolve”
both quotes from 2012 by daniel pinchbeck

its good friday
the day a bunch of ignorant villains
nailed up a guy to a wooden cross
and left him to die in agony

how many good men have come n gone
their words of emancipation and connection
disregarded, misinterpreted?
the meek aint inherited the earth…yet
its still being run by loads of proud idiots
using her up
killing us off
most so called christians who never read
the fucking new testament with both their ears open
or even read it at all
the heroes among us
they show us the way
(my brave friend in hospital)
yeah be proud of yerself
dreaming up your rationalisations
you have butchered tortured and ruined
because of them
we told ourselves lies
and we found em easy to believe
and we brutalised n behaved inhumanely
inhumane n inhuman
i dont need to catalogue it all again
have a look at hiroshima n nagasaki
have a look at belsen
have a look at whaling
have a look at inquisitions
have a look at crusades
have a look at vlad the impaler
n nero n caligula
the israelites n babylonians
are we capable of cruelty and unimaginable horror
on gigantic scales or what?
jesus, did we listen?
jesus, does an idiot like georgie bush
really think he is somehow born again in your name?
how can one violent thing be done in your name
and the irony of it not blast em sprawling?
how is there so much wilful ignorance
concocted and laid at your feet?
the catholic church with their dark secrets
their midnight mass and the countless
bent priests playing with boys
their ritual n palaver n self aggrandizement
the very opposite of christs simplicity n humility
he would despise it
he would despise bush
he would despise the southern fundamentalist tv evangelists
in some sick nightmare of a world
the sages n seers words n prophecies
are twisted into self serving bullshit sermons
exhorting all the most superstitious claptrap
christ would hate assault weapons
christ would weep at biological warfare
christ would sob at guantanomo fucking bay(or whatever is called)
christ would rail against deforestation n renditioning
and persecutions n executions
and our unbelievably INHUMAN treatment of the beasts
christ would not believe that we rip their claws n horns n teeth
n tails n feathers n fins off in a bloodthirsty dimmed haze..
could christ believe that weve even finally buggered up the weather
(boys n girls the fun is just starting)
i urge you
to read the four gospels
read them with an open heart
dont fucking quibble with this or that
or even me
let that message sink in
dont look for the contradictions
dont mis quote or partially quote
a phrase or 2 which is seemingly at odds
you aint gonna change my mind
was he the son of god?
aint we all?
was he the son of man?
he was a hero
he did things like a real man
he preached love n got himself crucified
well aint that just like this earth…?
what gives, fiendss?
i aint no christian preacher
hey you sophisticated smartass
sitting at yer computer
saying oh no killer
dont try n sell me jesus again
hey you dull n unimaginative knuckleheads
cant see the woods for the trees
hey gunslinger
hey war presidents
hey fascists
hey popes
hey bishops n field marshalls
hey adolf n cheney n queen victoria
hey tobacco n oil companies
hey mcdonalds n the fuckin” colonel
hey ku klux klan (oooh your costumes are so “bad”)
hey taliban n al-queda
hey idi amin hey slobbydan milosovich
you guys had yer chance
look where we are
weve almost fucked up our own dear planet
the amazon almost gone
for what
big macs?
american n australian native peoples…almost gone
theres like 50 snow leopards left
the islands in the pacific going under
in 10 years.. (10 years…!!!!)
no more fish in sea
no more ozone
no compassion
no love
no respect
people now
smile on your brother
everybody get together
try to love one another right now…
todd said
i’d rather die by a dream
than live by a lie…
lets be courageous
lets change ourselves
look at me
it can be done
evolve now
into what we all could have been
start today
start here
lets change this world
for the better
whatever that means
stop thinking
do it!

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