posted on April 18, 2007 at 7:24 am

im gonna bee real careful what i say
i donta want 1000 screaming bouncing czechs
a hounding n a pounding at me
luckily my praguish experiences are glowing
(but whatta cliche…how predictable…)
yeah im here to bring ya the olde news that praha
is good ha ha
all the stuff ya heard about
fountains of the great god poseidon
standing astride a strange doglike dolph-fish
kafka coming out of the seams
you want kafka kondoms
you want a kafka kockroach
gee that kafkas an ubiquitous bloke
statues doing wee wees
yes 2 giant automatons
waving their huge bebeebs around
and peeing water
while a crowd of giggling wimmen
have fotos taken
theyre gonna be disappointed with their hubbies tonite…
we had lunch in veg rest with tofu steaky
nice club
the vibe is very ….oh how shall we say
well we’re in bohemia baby right here
the real deal
after that
real absinthe
and the white widow pay me a call
the green genie n the white widow
show was pretty good
no complaints
a noisy guy eventually silenced
but well intentioned
lovely hotel
writing under a skylight
more pictures soon

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