posted on July 26, 2007 at 7:03 am

yer hero has arrived safely
downtown wello
where they invented wellington boots
just after they invented beatle boots
ho ha
but i just remembered
something from yessaday
i was sitting on a beach with lil sk
aka scarlet killbee
aka the bumper
aka the woofle
i was sitting on bondi beach
and the woofle was playing some game with her toys
and i was jus’ lazing back in the sun
when an entire football team
started practising behind us
they were island boys
from the solomons or fiji or somewhere
and even tho it was quite a warm day
they were practising in these hoody jackets n long pants
boy they were working up a sweat
running up n down
up n down in the sand
the nearest guy to us was about 7 foot tall
with bandaids all over his face from footy injuries (i presume)
sweating buckets of ink (as juicy wallop says)
and theyre all doing their islander tribal whoops n hollering
(if i was a missionary i’d be feeling kinda nervous)
and then i hear this voice
“mate, mate”
i think he cant be talking to me
but i hear him saying mate mate
i turn around
and this guy says to me
a beautiful beach you got here mate
and his face crinkles up into the most delightful innocent smile
complete with big white teeth
and sparkling eyes
and this guy melted my heart
with his eyes and his smile
and for a split second
i hated all “whites”
with their guns n tricks n religions n diseases
and i wish this world had turned out different
and i wanted to do something for this guy
but all i could say was
as if it were my beach
what a lovely lovely cat
he looked so big n fierce
but he was like a big kid
and i hope he n his team win
and he has a good time in australia
here i am in nz
2 hours before syd
2 hours before my show
have done my check
have done an interview
have met matty d
whos showered me in grapejuice n manuka honey
have had a veggie hash stack
now back at very luxurious hotel
will do yoga n qi gong
n back down gig
to start at 9 30
thats really about it
stay tuned
see you fiendss 2 morrow

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