posted on January 25, 2008 at 2:37 am

blah blah fucking blah
kids yellin’ at me
band yellin’ at me
friends yellin’ at me
cars beeping and indicating and givin’ me the finger
i get lost in a tunnel
i came out at wrong spot
i argue n argue in my hoarse n horrible voice
i hate this i hate that
i trip up n fall down
i get angrier n angrier
rude rude rude
people hangin’ off me everywhere
people ignoring me
people in my fucking face
people in my car park
people in my seat on the bus
people in my coffin n grave
phone ring ring ring
bullshit bullshit
yeah yeah yeah
everybodys in pain
everybodys acting
everybodys got an idea bout what i should do
everybody all together now
phone rings
rhubarb rhubarb
no u-turn
no standing
no stopping
no mobile phones
no ulterior or anterior mo-tives
i am so tired of that person writing me 20 emails a day
dont ever write to me again
can it be any plainer?
do you need to decipher this?
dont ever write to me again
by me i mean me
by ever i mean as long as im alive
by dont i mean DONT!
by write
i would include all communication
any means whatsoever
(i have no wish to have anything whatsoever to do with you!)
by again i mean
i hope you never contact me
im tired im angry im emotional
please stop it or im gonna send it all on to my lawyer!
meanwhile its a hot cold day night
the church are arent this n that
blather blather much malarkey
buy my new products
arent i clever i did this n i wrote that
non plussed?
me too
is it me or am i crazy?
help me out then
i gotta nasty cold or new moania i cant tell
im irresponsible
im ranting
im hot and bothersome
im gonna getcha and you aint gonna like it
im already gone
im just going on n on
im wasted here
im no one but im everywhere
is this the catch?

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