posted on December 31, 2007 at 2:49 am

in the swirling caverns of slightly bent light
the words drifting down into the darkness
receiving nutrients from above
we are just men and women
we appear
we flourish
we wither
we disappear
some as useless as me
spin words out of the nothingness that surrounds us
impermanence is the swamp from which we crawled
oblivion shall be its name henceforth
this is where go
2007 big deal
same old jive, clive
same old 123
same old news years revolution
delerious imbeciles high on idiot glands
their magicless music
causing enervation from 5 miles away
shield me from the rape and murder
release me from my bonds
ive had enough
ive seen enough
guess i needed another swing in the ring
guess i gotta shoulder my responsibilities
guess i gotta save money and save people
guess i gotta burn you a painkiller
who is there left to decipher it
why am i always idle yet too busy to do anything about it?
i hate kilbey
make him go away
im sick of his tricks
im sick of his dips
im sick of his me me me
im sick of him complaining about himself in faux 3rd person like this
im sick of the mess and the half finished detritus of dreams
im sick of the cockroaches and ants and mosquitoes
im sick of the fucking flies and the crawly little worms
im sick of the blocked ringing ears and the heat
im sick of the drugs and im sick of being sick of the drugs
im sick of that voice
im sick of that touch
inside im shrinking from him
inside kilbey
where i have been reduced to a point
in his confused murky skull
sloshing around in a shallow sea
the graves where he buries his old flames
still smokin’ after all these years
is death good
is death bad
is death a white lady
or is death just the cessation of life
is there a hell
will it hurt when i die
how heavy is my soul
will it be this year or the next
if i can get back , will i
or would that frighten you
if you go first then leave me alone please
can you imagine?
2007 a lotta people found out the truth i guess
lotta ways to go
lotta ways to get there
life outsmarts ya
life plays you along
life seems to care and not care
chance is chancey
mayas flames burn and burn
you learn the truth but you still go on in lies
kilbey makes a loada noise
kilbey chucks around some paint
kilbey strings up some words
kilbey becomes meaningless
kilbey is a concept youve dreamt up
your kilbey bears no relation to the real kilbey
the real kilbey doesnt exist
the kilbey you invented is a convenient rationale
no one cares kilbey
why dont you go
see you next year kilbey
go into 08
go into legend
go into shadow and obscurity
we know your tired
we know youve pushed it
we know you cant keep going this way
take the holiday you cant ever have
go away for a few minutes
have a dry cracker and an olde bottle of water
have you gone mad
is this the pendulum as it swings
did you want to make everyone else feel glum
oh sorry kilbey says
oh he looking old in this light
he seems unable to focus his thoughts
he mumbles
he tugs at his ear
kilbey is whispering something to us
we listen
what is he trying to say
listen so carefully
we hear it
this is it
his message
have a happy new year
for the time being…..

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