posted on June 24, 2009 at 8:21 pm

hot , little pig
oh god so hot
last nite was mill walky
ok i guess
pretty good 7 n a half maybe
i dunno
i rocked n i rolled
more subdued (sub-dude) than usual
i rock to the east etc
pluck my bass
kilbey health report

1. my eye is blurry
i doubt if it will ever get clear again
i now have to peer at everything with my one good I

2 my blisters are now hardened calluses

3 i personally asked my suave professor in sydney
about jazz
he said avoid stimulants
i said what about jazz
he said alcohol is worse…much worse
for yer heart..?.i asked….
yes he said
what about jazz? i asked again
the doc shrugged n smiled
he did not say yay or nay
it was obviously his opinion that jazz was not especially bad
my seizure was caused by de-hydration not jazz

4 i’m doing a lot of yoga to fill in time
i am seeing grand and rapid improvement
i am loose limbed
i actually feel more able than twenty five years ago
i exhort all my readers to take up yoga
if i have but one true message for ye
that i can say in words
which will make your very dreams come true
IF you can persist
then it is this
practice yoga
as much as you possibly can
it will work for you i promise
give it time
give it time
i have rehabilitated myself
i had no special genetic predisposition
all i had was determination
in 2002 i was a podgy energyless directionless gink
i believed in yoga n swimming n i pursued them
i think yoga is magic
i believe the following things to be very bad for one vis a vis ageing :
cheesey stuff
eggy bacony sausagey breakfasts
milkshakes with loadsa ice cream etc
cell phones
sitting around doing nothing
fluorescent lights
any kind of metal music
arguing bickering quarreling
being envious or bitter
being bossed around
feeling unfulfilled
soon i will be 55
these are the things i have observed
the following things keep you young
chi gong
good sex (with a bad mofo)
not too much or too little sleep
eat only half on yer plate
avoid eating as much as possible
most of us dont need to eat all day
music and singing
hanging with nice people
walking everywhere
being naive and silly
letting yer fucking hair down
letting it all go
having a hubby or wife you really love n fancy
you already know
you already turned off
hey you
yeah you
reading this blogge
the years passing you by
pants a bit tight this year round the old tummy wummy..?
you better address it
or you’ll have to fight even harder later
or whatever
do what ya like n see if i care
i’m gonna fuckin’ do yoga till the day i die
and at least i’ll croak flexibly

yesterday in milwaukee
i was having a smoke in an alleyway
behind the gig
next door an abortion clinic
complete with “christian” ding dongs
accosting the people going in n out
i was quite oblivious to all this
i was down a dark alley puffing on mother nature
when a worker from clinic spots me
and everyone starts yelling at me
they think (i later surmise) that im a anti-abortion terrorist
or something
everyones threatening to call cops
i go back inside venue
n lay low
later 30 minutes later
i go out to buy something to nibble
n a load of people start yelling
theres the suspicious looking man!!!!!!
a security mans starts trying to question me
excuse me sir…were you down that alley before?
i give ‘im a bit of the olde aussie bluster
the crowd is surprised to hear my strange accent unfold
i admit i do look a bit para military in my get up
did you come from this alley sir ? the security man says
no i came from that alley there….
i say in my best broadest aussie accent
like paul hogan on xanax
or something
he starts walking alongside me
n i walk away faster n faster
suddenly i jump back inside the venue
while a confused crowd mill around
looking for the “suspicious man”
everyone inside is laughing their asses off
n i get called by the mill walky crowd there
“that suspicious man” for rest of the night
jesus…sometimes i attract bloody bad luck
its a friggin heat wave here in mitch again
its fucking 97 degrees i kid thee knot
last nite stayed at a 39 dollar a night hotel
(oh god it was the flea bag pits)
in michigan city indiana
indiana wants me
lord i cant go back there
any way tonite its grande rapidos
and its a huge venue which could look horribly empty if…
see ya later then

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