posted on March 25, 2006 at 11:33 pm

gloria i sabbatica con vanilla
genius ad blogga imperialis
phaedra et aurora in semper vita
who knows?
not me

thinking of george harrison
what a beautiful cat
a devoteee of krishna
heres a man whos seen everything there is
on offer
in this world
he singlehandedly introduces indian music
in to popnrock
(so that for legions of westerners
a sitar or tablas meant that
something “pschedelic” was about to happen
he does the best beatle solo album
all things must pass baby
actually his last record brainwashed
not too badde especially considering he was starting to die
look i never met him
but incredible cool aura plus
unbelievable humility
a man who never forgot who he was really
at the core
i remember 1st time i heard all things
round a kid from schools house
playing stratego
and his elder brother comes in
with a TRIPLE album
and the apple label
music comes on
id have you anytime
what a lovely title….mmmm
music comes out like honey
kinda slow rich deep
really unusual descending ch. prog
that keeps going when ya think itd stop
he wrote this with bob dylan…!!??
sk instantly in love with this record for all time
35 years later even
thats a good shelf life for a buncha tunes
my sweet lord
im sorry
but i still get thrilled
when the hallelujahs change to hare krishnas
you see west turns into east seamlessly
i really wanna see you
but it takes so long my lord
a prayer in the language
of us common men
only with phil spector producing
an’ 1000 accoustic guitars a’strummin’
at the end
hes runnin’ thru a few
of vishnus one thousand names
or krishna
it doesnt matter
theyre both pretty sweet
if ya can ever slow down enuff
still the incessant murmur in yer heart
taste the nectar of their beautiful selves
someone said this stuff
it didnt come outta nowhere
so george is no fool
he grokks the sublime message
that takes a lifetime to unravel
george was no naive wide eyed knucklehead
by age 21 hed had more fame n etcs
than a 1000 justin timberflakes
god almost every track on all things
is a 25 carat pure gold star mastahpeece
do the goode always die young?
jeff buckley?

i had the misfortune of watchin’
video channel th’other day
reelin’ in incredulity
especially from the rapp vids
which is always a buncha black dudes
waving moneyngunsnbooty
no fuckin tune
no nothin
just a monotonous drum machine
pop it while its hot
(did he get this off a snack packet or what?)
am i allowed to say this
i hate fuckin rap
it is sks anathema
tuneless aggressive stylized
misogynistic tripe
fuck it
i dont pay that stuff no homage
i will say however
that unlike a lotta other tripe
it owes nothin to what came before it
but i loathe it at a cellular level
cmon tell the truth
dont you?
another fuckin thing i detest
is the angry gurlie song
esp. as done by idol winners
which consist of angry ugly bint
destroying boyfriends apt
cos he had the nerve to dump
her sorry bottom
same goes for nicklefuckin’back
a big bad ugly manne
singin big badde angry songs
in a big badde angry voice
about how
a little itty bitty gurlie
broke his big badde angry heart
dumped his sorry arse
so they should take up with each other
and the rappers
and take their tiresome anger
outta my ears
its makin’ me angry
thats better..

what else
i saw a real estate poster of this house
and underneath the proud beaming salesmen
w/suity n gel
as i had a great wadd
of pinkish bubblegum in my olde gob
i stop and molded mr real e state
a lovely new 3D nose
and i stood and admired my handiwork
thinkin’ how i would share this modest victory
with you sniggerin boheemian donkeys out there
when i visualised some one reaching for the
because i overestimate some readers
ability to have a laff
friendss n fiendss
i ask you not to defend my honour
in the comments sexion
its ok
i will suffer the slingsnetcs of o. 4tune
getting on someone elses blogge
day after day
unleashing caustic bile n vitiol
why doesnt he just piss off?
or she?
i aint gonna stop bloggin
mah fannes n fiends aint gonna stop readin
but ya see fiendss
they get a little attention
(I guess)
no one is readin their blog
n theyre lashing out in fury
at the perceived enemy
theyre saying
but they aint made the 50 records
or done the ten thousand concerts
or the years in recording studes
nor the drugsnragstorichestorags story
they just want the instant adulation
they dont even have my cheekbones
and they wanna have yer warship
so do me a favour
dont argue with em
and i reckon theyll eventually go away
(like an annoying headache)
and i tell ya sumpthin’ else fiendss
i never fuckin write comments to myself
get serious
ya think i wanna fool ya?
then try nabakov

ha ha
i still love you all
im gonna bee a rockin for you
and yer freedom and liberty
2morro nite sydnee town
all souled out
but maybe still some chance
demand entrance
we’re the best band inna world
storm the place if necessary
cos this is crucial stuff
itll sustain ya thru
the electromagneticngossipnpollutindeathmachine
i guarantee it
or give me more money back

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