posted on May 19, 2007 at 8:38 am

winter falls into darkness
the silent worm in its lair
the mortals with a crush on life
the oozing of my thoughts
crackle of bones and fire
crawling feeling of nothing
and then
some kind of forest
something moves
black icy water
something huge
the others
harpoon ray
white cloaked
blackened underneath
not again
not again
not again
the thing endures
the huge dark thing is in my mind
who is me
who is the monster
they strike hard
a piercing shriek is heard
the viper is contained for a moment
the hooks falter
the ropes unravel
its free they scream
a lunge
damaged exhausted
griffin lamb
morsel offering
blade embedded deep
the beast struggles
primitive future now
its now
i rush to the dying beast
why did you do this i scream at them
them who are me
them in here
the they in me
i who are us
why why why
ha ha ha
they intuit for they do not speak
this thing is an abomination
nothing deserves to die like this say i
yes yes yes they cry
cancelled evening
no stars there
what will you do to me i ask
nothing they think
you will be nothing
no thing
a thing no more more or less no
no no no
never either
never to be this thing again
this thing you loved
this lovely thing
my monster and now my life
the life only i could live
alive whilst still alive
buried dead tired
stop now
youre making me sad said the beast as it died
and its tears turned into blessings
that flew up and became the new stars
and they said these stars are not for your eyes
and the others shot the blessings from the sky
who fell in flames upon the distant horizon
and when the world was again dark
they said come with us
where? i said
not where
i said
they said

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