posted on September 13, 2012 at 12:25 pm

annunaki in the uk

they said its all inside you

the kingdom of god and all the answers

yes yes i do believe it

all these years

i been stumbling towards this

in that other 90 per cent of my brain

sealed off from me

sealed off from you

look what i can do with this 10 per cent

its like nothing

yes there is something deep and mysterious sealed in there

in my brain

i am locked out of my own brain lest i become like one of THEM

in the garden of gilgamesh

adam taste the apple flesh

then without warning

the ugly truth was dawning

the ugly truth was that we are created in Their image

the image of the gods

but to confound us they gave us each the gift of genius hidden

ah but we must delve

not in space

not in scriptures

not in earth

but in ourselves

was the tree of life an acacia wattle containing DMT?

was this the knowledge the gods were cagey about letting us in on?

i am a miniature copy of some god or some alien (for what is the difference?)

and somewhere within this head is the answer

the answer to the the most sublime art music and words

and i’m getting closer

why is it in there if not to be discovered?

then i will get in….!

this explains my obsession with nineveh

my paintings of winged geniuses

my constant biblical rantings

it all came from sumer

summer in sumer is super i’m sure

thats from ancient world a verse i never recorded

the hebrews didnt nick genesis (i was wrong about that!)

they are simply retelling it in their own way

wouldnt it be hilarious if the sumerian legend

is more “real” than yer evolution….???

now dig this!

the sumerians sprang outta nowhere

yeah they were the first civilisation to have writing

i remember that from school

but they never told us what they were writing actually

they were writing their creation myth

but hang on

how could a brand new civilisation have myths…?

is it myth or history…?

it became the myth of moses yes

but maybe it was the history of the sumerians…..

you see only a fragment of gilgamesh remains

but it has the flood and the garden of eden in it


the sumerians say they were created by the annanuki

they (we) were created in their own image

but they locked off most of our brains

so we would appear smart to ourselves

but never smart enough to challenge em

we were created to mine gold

gold for their damaged atmosphere

the sumerians knew of planets and moons

undiscovered to us until within a hundred years


the history of this passes through them to nineveh to babylon

to the hebrews

gilded and colloquial maybe

but its all still in there

investigate it at your leisure if youre interested….

we are starseed, people

i am going to hack back into my own brain

and i’m gonna drag what i find  in there


screaming or dreaming  for you

stay tuned

st steven ,beloved of the annunaki, formerly a priest in nineveh

happy birthday to me, you old madman!



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