posted on December 25, 2005 at 11:34 am

as promised
xmas night special
disproportionate number of oirish backpackers
stumblin’ thru bondi streets
clutching slabs o beer
warm aromatic night
surrounded by distant celebration
the boomp booomp of a disco
cars zoom in n out of earshot
flat sitting
i look out a hillside of apts and bungalows
blocks o flats
and cottages
red neon
yellow neon
a film set almost
sky a dark faded purple
xmas all but gone
still there is boxing day
box o gifts?
boxer dogs ?
boxer rebellion?
boxer shorts?
boxer bloody ears?
boxing day is a poor mannes xmas
imagine being born on boxing day
imagine that….
today i saw muslims in santa suits
christians in red indian head dress
hindus in the ocean
buddhists flying thru the air
on magic carpets
jains squashing cockroaches
atheists in church
on their bloody knees
i saw men kissing men
women kissing women
old men kissing the sky
young men kissing the earth
the sea kissing the sand
the clouds
remaining aloof
and biblical
ole sk body surf w/ chldrn for hours
a little burnt
a little chafed
a little all-over-the-plaice
the sea heals
no doubt about it
it washes the day off yer back
outta yer hair
how can ya be angry with some
fatbellied record exec
when yer up to yer chin
in pacific o ?
cures yer headaches
washes off neg energy
turns yer hair into cotton wool
makes yer nipples sore
evie somewhat puzzled: mum, my boobies hurt….
a vege burgah in the park opposite beachy
chipps too
the others have some fishy
people on ecstasy leaving yonder dance party
stumble by
happy xmas to yer all….and the baby too…no, i mean it !!
i want some o whatever that druid was on
lovely evenin’ guv’nor
yeah, you too mate
brother john made compo cd for me
listnin today
had to laugh at some the stuff
i thought was so goode
once upon a time
terminal street by be bop de luxe
some of it so great
some quite hilarious
just like the choich i spose
elektra n miranda have come home
they have some gifts for me
i should let you go
i should get off here tonite
xmas is dead people
long live boxing day
ess kay

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