posted on October 28, 2010 at 9:00 am

sk n SK admire new thingy

last night

inducted hall o fame


what does it all mean children

altho yer ‘umble hero needs no validation




there i was a big room full of tables

good i got my mother sitting next to me

what a character

she got to talk to tv host richard wilkins

that was more exciting than moi i guess

no she enjoyed it i think

i sat there watching all other geezers making speeches

i had no speech

suddenly i realized i was sitting there no speech no nothing

who the fuck was i gonna thank

i dunno

my mind was curiously empty

then when i was starting to chuck a few things together in my head

lindy morrison wanders over

the drummer from the go-bes

dont be so tense


look how tense you are

am i

yeah look relax ok dont be tense


just dont be tense

steven dont be SO TENSE!


they all have nice speeches

soon our time is nigh

megan washington who is australias wunderkind at the moment

does unguarded mo

pretty cool loadsa attitude

yeah i was pretty proud

(altho still dont like that song)

then jesus

george negus inducted us

crikey gawd

george negus a very heavyweight political journalist

a character with some fucking gravitas my fiendss

he inducted us

the guy from aust 60 minutes wow!

then i walk towards the stage

my mind is a friggin’ blank

and then

suddenly it came forth

as i had been trusting

the words fell outta the air into my head

i rambled on for 10 minutes or so

and i got it right

i cant remember what i said now

i dont wanna

but lo

the assembly judged my words to be good

many said ” that was the best speech i ever heard!”

well aw shucks

i trusted in the universe

the universe delivered me something

i guided it through my brain

and it came out i was lucky

i was lucky

i trusted but i still was lucky

i coulda croaked

i coulda  stood there empty handed n open mouthed

offending people n stuff but i didnt

i managed to get it right


the churchies played a couple of numbers

utmw of course

tantalised with strings couldnt hear em but know they were great

afterwards schmoozed a little

hey they all loved yer ‘umble hero ok??

yeah !

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