posted on March 28, 2008 at 8:51 am

finely wrought
tailor of real spirit garment
special flames licking
our energy is unbounded
the music comes from here
not there or there
music is its own end
its end comes and goes leaving soft silence
music is a cake in sound
it is sonic sculpture
music wanders in dazed
music drinks down the pub
music frozen in arctic air
as titanic plummets through the sea
music hey i know you
explicit details not forthcoming
music versus argy bargy
musics dulcet fingers stroke my wrist
music brassy tramp
music virgin king
music swimming in blood and tears
quavers and semi-tones
strum n pluck
music going out with my sister
feel the beat from the tambourine
music arrives n departs
dishes out a sym-phony
music infests hotels
music having a little rest
you can count music
you can read music
you can listen to music
you can feel music
you can play music
you can ruin music
you can sell n buy music
record n reproduce it
music looks great naked or all dressed up
a sudden interrupture
an overturist pumping the cello
food of savage beasts
the birds sing
the bells ring
the spheres call out to each other in some freak-quency
god gives man yoga
then music
then it rained for a while
rome falls apart but they keep on dancing
attila the honey hun a rock n roll wrecker
on tour in europe
hannibal crosses the alps;
can you imagine the music that cat was listening to?
history lessen
an vanguarded moment
written by music
steve kilbey former public serpent
washed out pscho-delphic and clairvoyeur
singer singer a song then
oh great hes mixlequetl
songs soundalike nude current
kilbey hes old but hes olde
kilbey says something
sayer and singer
singer poor eyes
no hear anymore
something is discordant
f#minor and oh no
the centipede fingers of song
panther like hell
what does it all meanwhile
lithe awkward confused lucid in the sky
is it a saint or sinner
is it a geniass or a bum note
is it spontaneity or spondulicks
is it love that makes us rock
is it any wonder i reject you first
is it my name is it my name
is it nice in your snowstorm freezing your brain
is kilbey any good be
the answer is a simple yes and no
he is imtermittently god n bad
they clapped n laughed n drunk n barfed
people shook hands with elegaic n operatic gravity
notes dripped from their cred-it cards
kilbey sang about another song
embedded within a single locus
unclustered by its sheer individuality
yet embracing an ironic gregariousness
not a chant not a shopping liszt
not a rubberplant cheque
no led zip
no peep durple
no angus n the silly codger in the ‘at
no denniss leigh or howie trafford
no feld or jones
no bulsara nor jeff beak
no beatles stones or elvis in 77
no joe in 08 neither
sydney calling
but its such nice weather here
we take a short break
a word from our sponsors
new music downloads
internet games porno gambling extortion
illegal drugs
hey kids
wanna earn money at home
thats right!
you may already be earning a fortune
just by being a talentless dork
plucking a bass in a stupid group
you maybe olde n still dieing your hareblonde
you may wonder why the girls all pass you by
you may wonder if a fourth planet existed
between mars and earth
you may wonder if that stuff your friend gave you
has unleashed some angel upon you
you may wonder why youre so angry
you may wonder why you still sit around wondering
no matter laughing
no point beyond this alcohol
my aunt went to bondi
and all i got was lousy blogge
music is tricky
music is bisexual
music can see in the dark
or here in the light
kilbey must be jokingman
kilbey you flipped yer wiggy
kilbey should be a shame of himself
a wolfe in a lambs clothing
kilbey should move diagonally on black squares
hey baby bishop equals handjob remember
hey the church of manloves such a holy place toby
no pride of lions
this mangey panther got english teeth
he likes the laughing gas and the chamber of caresses
he digs the little flowers and he such a poppy starr
he do the inversions and the perversions and the conversions
man this killer is something else
he maps the inner realms but smudged the ink
he sings the body electric and the childe-mind
he wispyhair whisperer now hoarse
he back off boogaloo he back off slowly
no mere singer?
no singer at all?
what is it, kilbey, good for?
absolutely nothing
but nothing is better than complete happiness
not now
not like this
just like that
return to main theme
short alphonzo
mezzi pasto allegretto vinna gretto
muted palm tree austinato
spellman and gaze
the nightfriends
the timps come in
rolling n booming
symbols crash
curtains curtis
bomp diddy bom
titty bum titty bum bum bum
wallop woof warp wham
its over folks
see you necks time

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