posted on January 3, 2012 at 6:27 pm

chapel perilous

life is elusive

the sun burns white

it is the burning soul

a long dead giant

he quenched his thirst with one thousand seas

the moon is so cold

it is the frozen flame of magic

it appears at theatres near you

beside a raggle taggle columbine


it is not a happy new year for me

alcohol still pulverises my family

i hate it i loathe it i detest it

greediness and stupidity abound

my career is going up n up

my morale is going down n down

my teeth are rotten again

i move in and out of conflict

i thrash around in obfuscation and emotional obstacles

i am super creative but time is hard to come by

i am behind in what i need to do

i lapse into non-action

people bust stuff i gotta pay for..oh woe is me…!

it may look easy but its hard …its hard baby its hard

sorry about the moaning

i’ll leave off with a happy thought

nah …on second thoughts

forget it….



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