posted on March 19, 2008 at 7:52 pm

listening to woven hand n ultima vez
(thanks markus)
always knew the banjo could be utilised usefully
outside its bluegrass thing…
visited a friend in hospital
if youre not in hospital
thank your lucky starrs
my friend continuing to show incredible grace
in the face of adversity
and im not ashamed to say i love him
and my heart was at once battered to see him as he was
and filled with incredible pride to know this geezer at all
absolutely one in a million
and i want to scream out to god
everything else seems trivial in the face of that
however i will persist
though all my usual petty ambitions seem pathetic just now
also another dear friend shows up at hospital yesterday
coming in from a long way to see our mate
sad to see him under these conditions
im all confused about everything fiendss
this has shaken me to the very core
and of course
an incessant voice inside me
kilbey you could do something
if you could only muster up whatever it will take..
but my doubt and sorrow prevents me from ever
knowing what this could be
if it even exists at all…
my dad had a kind of calming effect on people
which i wish i could say i have too
but i dont…unless its scarlet
..and not even always then…
my way with words often deserts me
just when you think i’d be needing it the most
and i often say the wrong things despite everything
tomorrow im in the smh metro questionaire
its amazing how i/the church still get serious coverage
in the big papers
ive just done similar one for melbs the age
different questions of course
one question said who do you admire most in this world
i actually wanted to say my friend whos ill
but they probably cut the answers that dont have pizazz
plus you got the anonymity factor as well
but still its nice to get in the real papers now n then
our media “clout” (ha ha more like a limp slap)
has always been disproportianately bigger
than our actual status would seem to warrant
ie it seems people want me in their papers
on their radio
(y’all musta missed that one on abc 2 weeks back!)
and on their tv
cos i been asked onto a certain show
n this time i said yes ok i will
the rent got put up yesterday
so i figger i could use some more x-pose-yah
and its pop-you-lah show
there ya go
other than that
i always seem to be in some vague conflict with someone
and its no different now
something in me brings out the worst in most people
which only martin krall in stockholm
and ricki ticki
and usually timmy p
can resist
everybody else is a bit upset with me over something
even if its the guy sitting next to me on a bus
i seem to imply a lot of things i dont mean to
old without much wisdom
thats a curse isnt it?
today im having acupuncture for my bad back
and still waiting for my bi annual royalties to arrive
the mofos hang onto it for as long as they can
no wonder they are loathed n the business is imploding
i also note with some weary inevitability
that when i write something i think is really good
i get hardly any comments
but if i wrote about this record or that record
everyones suddenly interested
of course thats only natural
but still……
it hurts to think
most of ya
are sitting round patiently
hoping im gonna get onto
the good bits soon….

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