posted on August 20, 2010 at 4:55 pm

scarlet will

animal spirit bristles in the spiky night

i see it all in my mind now

right here now in 1910 in the modern age

as i write here in godthaab round the swimming pool

type type type on my new mu data-machine

in my surrey with the fringe on top

clearly beyond my own time

but in which direction do those children travel

north to the blazing pole star that illuminate the evil in man eye

east to the red cliffs where the sea waits ready to engulf

south to the cities in the polynesia

where soulscrapers rip apart the atmospheres physique

or west to the far flung crags and castles

where the famous doctor cuspinian dwells

and  the burnings have nearly stopped

and in the pale pink mist of dawn…..*

* i was sitting in my room writing this when one of the kids kicked out the

lead to the internet doodah

and nothing got automatically saved n i lost a good hours worth of work

suffice to say providence has intervened and erased 3 quarters of what i wrote

as i didnt notice the autosave wasnt working

now demoralised by my writing going into the void

unretractable it would seem

so fuck it all i just gonna slink off now

and see how i feel 2morro n if i can remember what i wrote today



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