posted on February 14, 2011 at 12:24 am

winter in america is cold and i just keep growing older

yesterday a long drive

we start at 12 noon

we finish  at 12 midnite

on the way i have 2 bowls of soup n some oatmeal

the trip is boring after a while

dazzling snow all the way

as the sun goes down the feeling gets grim

we cross indiana and ohio and now we’re in pencil-vania

at some unholy meshing of servos and fast food joints

trucks and buses and serious looking people working hard for their living

the eastern winter is bleak

it aint no picnic out there i know

today we drive down to alexandria , virginia

just right outside of d.c.

amazes me how close the north n souths cities were to each other

in the civil war……

looking forward to going home n seeing my children

looking forward to going home where life feels a bit easier

than this freezing industrial conglomerate

our show at chicago was our best yet

the band have improved n improved

hell yes we transcend and we will transcend tonite despite anything

i really love my american fans

i know they understand what we’re doing here

i hope we can bring this show to europe and australia

gotta fight with my suitcase now

done my yoga done my chi gong

now to get back in that fucking van n ride

ride it all out

love etc


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