posted on November 17, 2010 at 4:08 pm

hono lulu leilani tahiti seeker

hawaii is a b n w photo in my seaside hotel

i turn from a hundred sunsets red in the dying glow

the palm trees and the canoes

i was christian fletcher i was wandering your virgin soil

i was paulie go-gan i was painting your marvels in my image

i was some hippy surfer with a golden body and water on the brain

i was some fuckin’ buccaneer lucking into this isle

oh hawaii oh fiji oh suva oh bikini

the islands eruption red hot ash deep in green sea

but im down on a black sand beach waxing my fin

im shooting down the pipeline into a lemon juice future

i’m washed up in the ionian tropics cut by a hundred shells

i’m cast up on some distant strand rescued by an alien creature

we do not talk the same language

we do not see the same things

all my worries pull me to the floor

i wake up at a heathen ceremony

the aztecs cut the beating heart from a man

god damn you white man you always intrude

wait a minute where am i …..?

i wake up gasping in my hotel room

listen to them ukeleles in the darkness

listen to them maidens singing to the old dead gods

listen to the surf pound 7 mile beach

listen to your friend whose asleep

light up yer hawaiian spliff

snort yer crystalline love

shoot yer warm desire

the boards creak in the hold

i whip up some lash

the harpoons hideous barb

the shout the shot the ball crashes through rigging

the blue sea opens up to swallow

i see the sand at the bottom each tiny grain is different n counted

my hotel with its quik-chek out

neptune parade number 456

air condition

kava kava gets me all numb n stoned

i spear a fucking fish i cut my ankle open

the piano plays in a bar as the fan spins

jungle juice and indonesian cigarettes

i dance with some blurry woman

her breath is warm as she whispers in my ear

your ship has gone down again

i lurch about on a hopeless deck

someone chucks a bucket of water over me from the wings

oh yeah i’m an actor too, didnt you know

and i’m marooned 5 years to the daylight

and im understrung on the heliotropics bloomin’ in my head

and im funfreaking sun-hit like a coco cane baby in mirror

and im saint to fire fly all nightridden

and who is the neutronic lagoon boy

and among the cults of islet chicks tricked into lovelife

so i wander the way key ki

and my hotel casts a fortune

my card bounces in a cave casino and i bet all my clams

ok thats enough i suppose for now

its not often i get a chance to speak

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