posted on June 22, 2013 at 8:09 pm
my breath is my spirit

the breath is a spirit

incessant rain i go down to cold pools

swim in milky incandescent water emerge renewable

under plunges and lunges i realise who i am

the dripping weeds sodden and trodden down

cactuses in gardens thorns in teardrop

my shoes slosh slosh slosh

still underwater i breathe through my port jackson gills

my wings propel me through green lanes and rushing heron

my lovely bubble never pierced by even the mightiest ocean

i jetstream the grey morning

until my breakfast of rice milk and coconut juice

i am bequeathed today by the late yesterday

it said if you enjoy people

heres a whole packet dont scoff it!

under the pacific sea it feels more like tomorrow though

and maybe everything has changed under the waves

its so cold i’m burning

i get dressed shivering a song

i pull on my clothes dumbly all wrong

my shoes on my eyes i walk into the rain

the puddles all call out my name

and some drain gurgles a dim refrain

and when the first drop hits my new mouth who tastes it

the second drop fell on my heart who would waste it

the third drop fell in a deep black well

wherever it was who could even tell me a story about it

so sorrowfully  watch the sea swans don their night flight in black

hands still in swirling water something tugs memory like the tide

feeble hopes all bleached out on a grey day like today

the dismal surf churning without form

at home the eels feel their way around my heels

it doesnt matter i am not this body

someone a long way away says something i suppose

it has nothing to do with this

but i keep hearing distant words as though they are some clue

what should i do?

i sit under green ceilings as a blue fire raws

my suit  once cold and wet now marvellously dry

my my oxygen you cant see it or hear it

my jacket of fish hovering closer in currents of coldness

here in australia june has come freezing

my breath is the spirit of steam in an angel

i exhale miraculous creatures in sighs of vision

the world is alive pulsating with meanings

everything comes in through ions of everything

be prepared to be a maze in a puzzle

all the pieces are shifting

in diamonds all the players are sequenced by folly

in spades all ignitions and permissions enacted

in clubs sentinels of reality seem to walk off the gig

in hearts i understand nothing except thats its big

wow! says some cat who really can dig it

hes figured the whole thing out no doubt

down to every digit

and the numbers and notes and the words and the shows

all going round in a whirlpool you know how that goes

i gotta a genie in fathoms of delight with no close on

my opiated days are only the real comparison

in dream after dream in song after song

the summoning purr of machine that hums on

the whine of long distance line is mine to align

down to every last fragment of sand and its handsome shore

we all want more

oh baby

we all want more



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