posted on July 3, 2009 at 8:32 pm

i wake up confused
who where what am i
where in the world
am i?

more later maybe

in a little house in the woods
its a gig
do yoga in a field but the bugs close me down
try to do interview in field but mozzies attack hard
tonite tupelo music hall, nh
lush verdant fields
lovely buildings
tonites gig is like a n.a. meeting in the woods
like in the swedish woods
the weather warm n still
a feeling of contentment in people i meet
summer is easy here
in this strange little house
in these woods
seems like middle of nowhere
but gig nearly sold out
holly is here
mem rumoured to be near
klk the man without whom none of this would be happening
belfrank is here
erik e with some of his jazzy bingles
now backstage waiting

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