posted on April 2, 2011 at 8:09 am

falling felled the flowering kingdom

tumbled out of the mix

inside my head the 7 furlong strip

see my baby come along the dip

orchestrating events like arranging a whip

sinking feeling like a ship

what a trip

shot silk rupture

here come a vulture

they circle in rapture

in slow exodus from woodwork

out they ooze

out of  their lair

out there somewhere

your excellency men risk their wives for you

stumble upon new continents in side

where other things want to hide

morning arrives deep and wide

in shallow breaths i jerk myself awake

ive slept on the bed i make as day break

the stars fled the red sky feel like i should die

my seed freed indeed

my dreams bleed i feed them blood

even then youre cool so much cooler than cool

add fuel for the fool abiding by the rule

you combine everything

re define anything

really an illusion

glow like a distant lamp

tramp on the ‘celerator

stamp on the levitator

jump up the wire

sometimes youre on fire

sometimes its just smoke

white mist up a tube

must resist a good bloke

must persist if you spoke

the words you speak i been listnin’ to all week

in my mind where youve danced and dined

in my etheric sheen in my cosmic dust

saw you move in quiet trust

saw you grok it saw you’d sussed

saw you soaring saw you saw

back on earth wanting more

slim as a chance

tall as a story

sleek like a jaguar

zooming past it’ll never be mine

must be doing 99


i walk home in my golden car

all the way from alexandria

my feet comin in handier

my sweet little perelandra

babu-luma zuppo de zuma

lie and lay

night n day

awful thirst

which came first







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