posted on May 18, 2008 at 10:08 pm

went bike riding in royal national park on sat’day
with brothers
very zen in a way
its very peaceful and calm
but youre rushing along on these sandy stony woody paths
one false move and its all over
so you gotta concentrate
and serious consequences if you dont ….
(i fell off once when ironically i was saying
how you had to have yogic concentration to do it!)
but within the concentration
a calm core builds up
after a while the words fall to the back of your head
and you enter a wordless world of textures and bumps
and reading the track ahead of you
occasionally other cyclists would zoom past going the other way
at ridiculous speeds too
a collision would be disastrous
after all thats why my right eye is more closed than the left
(a bike accident at 13)
anyway i had an amazing time and felt thoroughly invigorated afterwoods
nice to re establish connection with brothers
who after all are my brothers right?
yesterday went to tims with whole fambley
tim and i worked on
so that love may find us
our new 17 minute epic
that puts the fox back in trot
its prog
its traffic
its genesis
its pink fluid
its can and cant
the church jam for 17 something minutes
pete on piano
marty on bass
me on 12 string acc
tim on drums
peter comes back and lays down lead and strings and backgrounds
tim sprinkles mellotron n backing vox
and i come along and put a load of disparate bits n pieces
but voila with a bit of (w)oofle dust
the whole thing suddenly yesterday sat up before our eyes
like the monster on its slab
its two frankensteinian musicians looking on
its like suppers ready meets lowspark of high heeled boys
but with things that only churchy does
its a real beauty and we were both excited
tim n i are getting really good at this
getting a piece of inchoate music and shaping and refining
going with the natural contours the music itself suggests
putting words and backing vox
doing all the tricks we learnt with shriek an afterword soundtrack
i know i rabbit on here
about all these records that never seem to be available
but theres some real treats coming down the tubes to the true believers
this is the best stuff ever
believe me
if it was dismal i’d tell ya
or i’d avoid it
gee whizz our own bona fide 17 minute prog rock epic
(guaranteed with no gratuitous bits)
oh its shaping up to be a goody
mixing in june
oooh you fiends will like this one
meanwhile upstairs from tims studio
the doodles a woofle and a doobs (miss brynn p)
were running rampant
eve (who i now call “the show off person”)
was in fine form flouncing about in bathing suit
with a feather boa and a toy headset
ordering her mother around if she wasnt paying enough attention
aurora was armed with mic and clipboard announcing upcoming events
while brynn bounced around dancing and singing
and the creature known as scarlet kilbey
running around like a very noisy headless chicken
in the studio
the racket was of baby elephant proportions
tim also having a rib injury from soccer
(he doesnt want your sympathy!!)
but despite all
plus some jam on toast n strong instant coffee
we hammered out a bloody good days work
had a good time doing it
those bloody noisy kids tho’
thatll all be forgotten
and you’ll be enjoying
so that love may find us
you read it here first
io ao io

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