posted on January 24, 2009 at 8:27 pm

entering sleep another way
meander over verdant vista
hook up with yourself sometime
forever never over
the place where songs are
pictures of songs
vision of sound
songs growing wild
songs on the vine
songs for the asking masking and basking
songs long and short
songs of songs
what is a good song?
a good song makes it better
a bad song makes it worse
my songs avoid these issues
my songs are not good or bad
my songs are ideas
expressed by the uni-verse
through me
its only son
my songs are not about things
they are the things themselves
once written they exist eternally
once sung they move into your cortexes
my songs i heard on some wind
my songs i snatched from your dreams
my songs accompany me through life
they arrive before me and switch on the music
they wait till i am asleep n turn off the light
my songs are solid
my songs have minds of their own
when my songs hear a new song
they come running to me
“a new song a new song!”
my songs dont argue with each other over keys
my songs are so ambiguous
only god knows their true meaning
my songs have no true meaning on earth
i borrowed them from the thin air
i never remember their birthdays
once gone some never return
once youve worked them out
they will become shy around you
my songs are memoryproof
my songs are as good as their word
my songs are masculine feminine and child
my songs call on the past
they visit the future
they dabble in the present
they discover themselves
re establish a connexion
burn themselves onto hard distance
my songs go lala la la la la de da
my songs go bang bang bang
my songs howl in terror and delight
my songs are bait a trap a fix a stone
a stallion
a river
a counter point
a reprise
why dont we sing this song altogether
open our eyes let the pictures come

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