posted on March 30, 2007 at 10:12 pm

this is the future, ok?
too late to say no anyhow
choice is illusory
your course is fixed
set to go
gonna get some where
far away and watch you explode
gonna plot your arc in the night sky
watch your sparks fall to earth
racing on n on
towards the receding dawn
when you falling n shaking
coming down around my ears
when the mirror crashes into itself
and everything from the otherside set free
when the whirlpool and tornado combine
when the fire that burns underwater turns green
and the great dragon who stole your heart
scorches me with its breath
falling asleep you relinquish the wheel
waking into your otherlife
walking out of a hangar in the english summertime
hey dad is that a spitty or a hurricane?
its a spitfire son and he shot down a load of enemies….
just look at all those symbols on his fuselage!
in a wood nearby lives an english wizard
people call him the being
attended by five daughters
living next to a crystal stream
as his iniation
the wizard was submerged in ice cold water
just his nostrils out
and weighted down
with a huge rock upon his chest
and shut into darkness
but given a subject
for a suite of songs
in the morning the druid
steps out of the abyss
and picks up his axe
and lays down 200 new songs
when he was 25
the wizard had been captured by the “straights”
and paraded thru the big end of town
captive and bound
the “straight” emperor
asks for a private interview with the wizard
we can imagine this scene
as it was n will be again
thousands of years thence n hence
emperor: they say you know magic!
wizard: they say you know nothing
emperor: lets see what you can do
wizard: make a fist
emperor clenches his hand
wizard just smiles
emperor: wheres the magic in this…….
wizard smiling curiously
and staring into emperors eyes
emperor begins to struggle a little
his hand refuses to unclench itself
as he tries harder n harder
his own fingernails begin to bite into the palm
and the wizard smiles
and smiles
and holds his gaze
enough cries the emperor
his face sweating n strained
the wizard looks away
the hand is unclenched
the emperor sobs with relief
take him away and release him, he orders
but its too late
hes seen into the beings mind
now the empire might start to crumble
dad we should go in there with spitfires….
easy slim, theyll have to train the pilots first
dad imagine their surprise
when the english turn up with our spitties!
see how they like that…
the english are always the good guys
arent they dad?
of course they are
its our side innit?
dont be silly son
aint this the future now?
and we’re living on the edge of time
dropping out of the race
one by one
as we go
into the good night
in a cold tomb

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