posted on March 8, 2009 at 8:24 pm

i really enjoyed playing at barwon heads
we thought it was one of the best gigs we’d ever done
i was not condescending
i was nervous n i was relieved it went well
i had a ball
anyone who was there could see that
utmw is a problematical song
people DO expect it
not devoted fans
but casual punters who pay their dough n wanna hear it
i usually joke around about it to offset its “importance”
i cant see how my relationship with my own song
should concern anyone else
i was trying to be self deprecating….sorry
i still like the song
and i dont mind playing it
melbourne itself i had too much to drink
i drank too much jaeger it crept up on me
but i think we did a good show any way
i was a little sloppy
i will bear it in mind from now on
as far as the sound being too loud
too loud drums etc
i will talk to our soundman today
i am unaware on stage what it actually sounds like
im sorry if he got it wrong
i still consider both nights successes
i still put 100 per cent into it
i promise you that
last nite at the festival was great
we got a great reaction from the sold out crowd
we felt like we vindicated ourselves
we played like bloody troopers
i think the whole 3 days were good
and i feel like the church may be able to
extend its lease on life a little further
i am pushing 55
please never forget that
with all the issues it brings
being an old rocker
i dig the church
i dig our music past pres n future
and i dig our audiences
the condescending days are long gone
i am appreciative of what i got
i accept constructive criticism
and im grateful for it
please dont attack each other on my comments
every body has a right to say they didnt like it
i feel however you misconstrued what i said about utmw
thats ok
i do say a lotta stupid things
but you know that

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