posted on June 7, 2012 at 10:06 pm


when the elastic throttle of equilibrium lifts you off into either ether

and the whirring machine instruction increases peripherally

in both ear something whispers secret instructions you never really hear

at takeoff there is a stillpoint

in moment of long refracted reflection

in whistling shrieking cosmick winds

a catapult shoots you into the sky

a shot shoots through your systems

using star energy so quiet and pure

using star energy you silver between the streets in the sky

in puddles on the moon behold futures unwritten Khartoum

in solid space you shrink to nothing

in solid time you are still travelling into tomorrow at lite years

when your head explodes full of lithium absinth

dead star wormwood pounds on in din a time stamp

a machine gauges your etheric aura with pink painless implanted buds

a sensor directs you to your next plasmic fix

a ray alerts you as you approach terminal velocities

a dial indicates an arcane antequarium

a ratchet up the rounded numbers interlocking sequences concur

sudden sickness of reaching 0 speed

a communication from an outpost

please identify yourself 

do you read me?

but by then you are far/gone

already suffering space-lag

the body crashes against the mind

the spirit -driver impervious to all fire and ice

enters brief sanctuary


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