posted on August 30, 2008 at 9:02 pm

early morning rain
the days possibilities rush out ahead of me
david duchow
who you may or may not know
has sent me a video for every track on painkiller
i downloaded them last nite while i slept
i have already seen” not what you say”
an epic track which changes and ebbs n flows
finally ending up in a quagmire of marine ambience
it goes for thirty minutes….
davids videos for my/our songs are on you tube
once you have seen one of dd’s vids
theres no mistaking them
in mirror images of nature
david locates an incredible symmetry
gods and devils appear
hindu deities hidden in the patterns of a trees roots
the images merge slowly into each other
they dissolve
producing more illusions and half-sightings
they are brilliant because david harnesses nature
and uses it to produce images with staggering architecture
on” not what you say”
i feel like im inside the brain of a dying man
as his mind throws up random images of his life
rooms in hotels turn red and bulging holes appear
kilbey appears via his selfportraits
and disintegrates into a blue lake
scenes from a childhood move across the screen
and finally we drift
over an oceanic desert
i will be viewing the other ten vids after writing this blog
we will be projecting dds vids at the painkiller gig
10 sept sydney-towne
the only gig
with very special guests
hats off to dd
in his remote canadian wilderness
carrying on the good fucking fight of art for arts sake
and producing visuals that are so appropriate for my stuff
(they allow much intepretation!)
plans could be afoot to make a visual version of pkiller available
and then
i’d like to get polinski to remix it for surround sound
i cannot imagine anything more fucking trippy
than turning up painkiller real loud
and watching it on a big screen
while all the radiotronics swirl round the room
i dont have a system like that
(i got no system just a little tv)
but if i did
i would love to see that
superb stuff!

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