posted on April 3, 2006 at 11:41 pm

strange days indeed
isolated in our heads
like ants deep in the earth
we assume everything
we know nothing
we stumble on fragments
we shout
now we know everything
we measure
we assign dimensions
we gauge value
we assess meanings
we search n search for a truth
already discovered
we dig in the dirt
next to a towering diamond
we kill the creatures who are us
in disguise
we cause and we become the cause
wickedness flaunting itself, as usual
same as its ever been
we cry out
how can god permit this?
we are swallowed by the years
traceless we go under
down n round
round n down
we determine meaninglessness as the prime
completely fucking blind
to the ballet of the clouds
the symphonies of the birds
the paintings of the forests
the drama of the seasons
you want meaninglessness
you get meaninglessness
and you get wickedness
science as uncontrollable anxiety
as bill nelson said in futurist manifesto
medicine races along side
half right, half wrong
just like all the religion
like a thousand little angels
on the point of a pin
theres no point in describing
the place that theyre in
like a filigree diamond
filched from a ring…

it isnt what youd thought itd be
we cant imagine what it really is
after all
after all that

you need to be constantly conscious
look at it all carefully
watch yourself
what are ya doing?
why are ya doing it?
challenge the assumptions
demand the fuckin’ miraculous
but go easy on em
at the same time
hiss at the villains
if you like
remember god
imitate christ
do yer best
its so simple
it takes so long
we need it so bad
insist on the stuff
thats had love put into it
thats what ya pay the big bucks for, fiendss
the love
and you thought it was for free?
everything contradicts everything
its a gordian knot
cut thru the ritual
call a fucking spade a spade
if we all did that we wouldnt have to bear
the great weight of loveless mediocrity
suffocating us

im playing with el laney tonito
strandgatan baybee
thats enuff for today
i love you

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