posted on September 9, 2007 at 4:19 am

yeah yeah yeah
i read the f. machine booklet
all the voices in my head disrupting my performance
theyre saying
be more dramatic
less dramatic
more gesticulation
less gesticulation
youre outta time
your voice is driving us mad
i only stumble in a few places
but im not as good as i wanted to be
and im tired of myself
after a lovely vegan meal with
the nice local vegan childs…
the killer opts for tempeh burgah
i come back n do teachers n suzanne
the mic. really stinks bad
and i have to get up close to sing suzanne
and its a foul reek of cigs coffee n meaty halitosis i guess
im used to having my own clean mic usually
and i really wanted to stay away from this awful thing
but i had to get close to sing the quiet bits…
its not all dancing on clouds…
i walk round brizzy bumping into people i know
having poetic discourses n all that
a nice gentle sunday
oh yeah
n i forgot to say
the doodles in paper yessaday flying kites
sat telegraph
go you little doodles
i’ll be a bossy hollywood dad
ripping off my kids and the bane of directors
bitching at the casting session bout the other brats
the doodles will have bulimia by their tenth birthday
and be in the gossip rags by 13
i’ll be manipulating the game from the sideline
lining my own pockets with ill gotten gain
its just the beginning
bumper can release her first single at age 3
with sexy dance routine
for the lucrative under 2 market
i maybe could get joycie in some retirement commercials
aint that what families are for….to exploit….?
get em all on the ad wagon
deduct my commission
(and girls, in case youre wondering, its formidable)
hollywood will beckon n re embrace me
i will be forgiven n absolved
and back in the charts at # 1 all over the world
for one year with painkiller
lemme have my dreams, little stranger

i will be performing again tonite
maybe with jamie h
a few songs
at closing ceremony
its free too
a free for all
i hope that mics been disinfected

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