posted on November 19, 2010 at 8:45 pm

crumble down

pluperfect for you

the island nights

some force picks us up

some thing takes root

some spirit comes thru

we crash on this side of universe #23

wrecked in a flowerbed rolling over in poppies

hurt in every feeling there was

a little evening music pumps my jumper

i release the weeks surrounding me

and i plummet down in time burning air live

i drive in my gold flash i fishtail through a bend

i end up sending a tender legal friend a good mend

the music we make compensates me sates me uncomplicates me

the music we make slakes me shakes me almost mistakes me

the music we make forsakes me bakes me rakes me over shoals

i sit down in front of a screen

the sea appears a sailing ship

a cargo of spices

the prince of this realm in his educated sphere

the merchants dressed in their satin n tat

the colliers who mine deep in the earth

the prisoners who groaning beyond all these walls

the silence of midnight amongst  the graves

the future of silence when everything stops

the  end of the sounds the end of the noise

i’m under this tree i’m under this branch

i wait in this room its all white n controlled

waiting n waiting inside all the words

my hotel is a spartan affair

i post you a postcard that never arrives

i pop on a stamp a picture of queen

i lie by the pool with sun on my arm

i hide in the gloom of arbours n fog

i walk through your dream incessantly smug

mid tempo

the strings pull me to extremes

i find purchase in your sky

i climb on backs of clouds

i reach up for a place

give me what i need then give me what i want

a cottage by the rolling ocean the grass grow lush

a magic been

a golden goose

a giantess on the loose

or no use

no excuse

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