posted on May 17, 2015 at 9:20 pm
read em n weep

read em n weep

lets go upstairs n read my tarot cards

lets go upstairs n read my tarot cards

the story so far

weird art mystic hippie kp buk deep in the vermontian wilderness

first heard steve kilbey sing in the school canteen

where his water turned into wine

something about that stuff old kilbo was singing made buk stop and think

and for years the percolation of the lyrics and then much later the art

going round and round the search for meaning

the struggle for implications to grow in the dense canopy of the present

mysterious words like sacred cannons blasting  holes in the blackness of nescience

all of it reaching out into the unknown

into other pasts and futures

things not or not yet happened

scrying the angels in the crystallised dust of a Charn courtyard

fossicking through ninevehs memory sticks stoned to the gills

the words the music the painting

signifying what did it fucking signify?

buk began to experiment

a divination?

notes from an occult diary

what did the spirits and the magnets want?

interviews with dead marines and children beyond tomorrow

soon it was conceived in a ten year rush

the titanic deck fell into place

modern idiosyncratic intuitive

every thing you ever wanted to know about the future but were afraid to ask

well here it is in pictures and in lyrics and in buks very cool interpretations

every card charged with mojo

and a book explaining how you will divine the future too

win horse races?

sweep the pools?

break the stock market?

lovers on the horizon?

no sweat!

the tarot of the time being knows the score

and spits out more revelations per read  than yer average al crowley deck

each card will hold the secret of the future in its glossy E-Z slip finish

totb cards are used by more shamans witches freaks and weirdos

than the nearest most popular brands

in fact many card reading knuckleheads have declared TOTB

“the future in a little box”

yes the book and the cards are now available

what are you waiting for?

dont miss out and have no future to tell of

while all your friends take up this great new offer

and are predictably predicting stuff all over the place

track money luck and love in the future reliably and securely

with TOTB

now in its deluxe second edition with a foreword by

the lovely donnette thayer

returned from alaskan wastes to pen this succinct and lovely intro

TOTB is your guarantee of knowing everything about everything coming down the line

you can order it from these very pages if you do but look

TOTB is the best protection you got against future shock and time-lag

get it today

and stop living in the past


new improved




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