posted on January 5, 2007 at 10:08 pm

oh my dearest fiendss
lassanite we have runthru of play
from woe to go
sk remembers all his lines!!!
remember 12 n 13th bricklane workshop
curlewis st bondi 8 pm
its gonna be very intimate
you wanna see me slapped around and abused?
(no not chrissy hindes…its the play)
you gotta bee there fiendss n fiendettes
dont not come!
i better see
d + t
i better see
le (or is it la) bon
i better see the dutchman from nz
i better see mishy
i better see all the rest of ya syddley fiendss
or else…..
now without further ado
here we go
(as suggested by syrinx for you finx)
(da dah)

first up
16 horsepower
sorta alt country stuff
banjo-ey n serious
i quita lika actually…
this belongs to nk
absorbed by my pod accidently
i met morten harkett once in 1984
very handsome short sighted
a more red sunburnt nose than mine
could not understand my swedish one bit
liked i hoped a norwegian would….
this was given to me on tour but i have no idea by whom
the first track aura lee is one of the best shoo gazer things ever
i often put it on comps for frendz…
a real classic actually specially when the girls sweet voice comes in
“sing to me , aura lee”
the rest of record pretty good too
try n find this…..
ive got everything by air
what can you say
great aesthetic, great results
melodic, cinematic, cool
recommend anything
very good for les interludes romantiques
if you savoir fair…
alan watts
my very good friend leesey nicks gave me this in london
its called om:the sound of hinduism
its got some spoken word about/on/from “hinduism”
(i dislike that word)
its pretty good if you into the blue guys krish vish n shiv
theres a bit of sitar drones n chanting
i really dig this actually
check it out you atheists
ye might still yet be enlightened…
alanis morrissette
obviously this belongs to nk
its just that one song. you know
thank you india thank you pakistan…that one…
as to my oh-pinyon on it…
dont get me talkin…..!
adagio for orch
oh beautiful stuff nicked from k + g’s collection
note to self
the band should do an electric version of this…
its like a theme to an italian love story…
ali akbar khan
indian music is so different to western in its intent
it has no chordal movement n no harmonies
it has only unisons
you gotta listen n listen
you gotta let it wash over ya
this is pretty good …
alio die
suspended feathers
this is from ambient chriss-o from frisc-o
this lovely manne has boostd my ambient etc section unbeeleevably
thank you chris
there will be something coming soon
bee a patient please
i received a new package from him yessaday
a veritable lord in the sk empire
anyway alio die is very very good
“found” sound mixing with electonica
great titles
descending past
ruins gardens drones
time in absence
if you like amb you like this…
all about eve
strange i dont know much about aae
this is only in there cos its from darkside of the 80s
a comp
the track is marthas harbour
nice track
i listen to occaisionally
thats it…
all india radio
it says here i only got one record
but thats weird i thought i had 2 or 3
maybe theyre stored under another name
i heartily reco- mend anything by all ind rad
hope i can finish my thing with martin this year……
its instrumental not ambient
nice stuff….
i like hoarse with no name n sandman
reminds me off my yoof
very sub neil young tho now as i listen to it
i understand you been runnin from the man
that goes by the name of the sandman…
kinda almost somethin i wished id written….
amon duul 11
live in london
phallus dei
tannz der lemmings
vive la trance
wolf city
i m confused about amon duul
we met em once in germany
at breakfast in a hotel in an obscure town
theyre more a collective than a band
i got this from reedy with his boxes of prog in arizona
i had wolf city as a kid
some of its just an average 70s rock band slugging away
(with weird bits)
the chick singer is definitely an aquired taste
i still aint ackwired a taste for her germanic screechings
wolf city the track itself is a payoff
hard teutonic brutal sci-fi downwards guitars
things scream like winged monkeys
wolf city without pity…
the rest of amon i am yet to seriously explore
something for a rainy day thatll probably never come
we shoulda done wolf city at space rock night…
anoushka shankar
got this off johnny jus’ th’other day
i know nothing about it
its a mix of indian with subtle western stuff
i really like it
and have done yoga to it too…
the albums called rise
antonio vivaldi
some slightly pompous un-sk like stuff
never listened to it before nor will again
unless i have madame bovary n mark e. d. sard over for tea..
this is side of classical i dont dig…
the arcade fire
despite having jumped in a long time ago
and saying that i didnt like the af
after only half a listen to a sampler
i got this album from the boffa a cuppla weeks back
and its my most played recent record
i love it
i didnt understand at first
i still cant really say what the words are all about
some weird claustrophobic childhood neighbourhood
its quite unlike anything else
great instrumentation…violins, honky tonk pianos,
busy arrangements
sometimes a woman sings
who sounds just like a female version of the guy singer
this is a fucking great record
it may take a bit of time to sink in
but this universe is worth visiting..
im listening to hold yer head up and its
pretty stodgy stuff
i got all of argents real albums
the one with rusty ballad
he wrote liar which is on the 1st album
it was later done by 3 dog night
he wrote god gave rocknroll
done by kiss
i like 1st album best for wistful zombie-ish tracks
rod argent was in the z s
the second album ring of hands
not quite as good
but worth having i guess
if you like piano n stuff
n soft rock
cast your spell, uranus
is an unfortunate title (or not?)
the other 2
all together now
n in deep
arent too bad but not essential
havent listened to em yet
tho i had em on vinyl…
ashra tempel
inventions for electric guitar
join inn
starring rosi
all of ahra tempels stuff is quite different
inventions is highly recommended
guitars intercrossing echoing like arpeggiating keyboards
very kraut rock mainly instrumental
from reedys massive collexion
join in has tracks like freakn roll
jammy stuff
schwingy is more soundtracky
starring rosi more poppy i guess
the first track sounds like the allman bros..
is the same gang without the tempel…
i have blackouts
the making of
sunrain is a beautiful chiming record
very euphoric
i recommend this one or inventions to start with
guess what
thats it for the a’s
and theres too many b’s for today
im gonna flake out on ya..

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