posted on December 19, 2010 at 4:23 pm

cos we're lovers and that is that

yeah adelaide!

yeah melbourne !

yeah geelong!

i sit in me lux hotel room

watching rain blow across melbourne

clouds come n go

the rain sliding across glass

i do yoga

i lost my jazz smoke

if you come tonite to thornberry theatre n you love yer old being

bring me a jazzy ciggy please

ask to see me i’ll be waiting to take your call

tonight the last night

yeah boo hoo

i could use a rest

yessaday played in record shop called pure pop in st kilda

great shop

played with gb3

richard from the undies on drums

he has the look of a startled kitten…a very catlike man

but boy he played drums real good

rob too on guitar n bass a wonderful muso

gb himself impeccable

we even did threshold from jack frost

and i couldnt find the right notes oh fuck!

then my one true fan plus mary melissa n ryan mc drove to geelong

i was knackered after all of that

whatever whatever

tonight tonight

it will be all that i promised n more

im hungry im horny im ready for some showbiz action

ready to tread them boards

ooh i move like a buddhist aerobics instructor

ooh i move like the beast i am the great beast

at least

i insinuate where i’m coming from

you see me play you know what i’m all about

if you dont understand you never fucking will

you cant dig my groovy trip i dont care

if you can then you understand

what i offer

i cant put it into words

but its sweet n its strong n lasts long

its deep you can feel it in yer sleep

i am what you say i am

i do what you think i do

i rock i shock i take off yer frock

i roll i stroll i love you little doll

oh its hard to be inside my mansuit with myself today

so much energy

im restless im prowling round my room n my teeth long to sink into it

music love drugs sex dreams n death

oh unleash me apollo that i may let my warm round bass shake their guts

oh give me leave to receive your divinest inspiration

oh i am no ordinary man

i’m not like everybody else

tonight i will sing i will croon like a beloved groom

i will arrange your memories just so

we will open up your head and there will be no dread

yeah i love to stalk that stage defying age defying this temporary cage

i am your tame lion

i am your mangy panther

i am king fox

i am wolfe i am thirsty i have a taste for mankind

i am kilbey i am steven i am even odd

yeah i love it

i love being me me me me me me

ha ha ha

can you imagine?

oh its too much

i need some jazz to put it in perspective

hit me now

fix me angel

soothe my heat

stroke my smoking muzzle

oh i am bad n i am good too

you know it

you know what its all about

body mind soul



thats it

now listen to my songs

they sing you your life

they are given me by the veiled muse who is with me since birth

my muse oh how she sang to me as a childe

in her language of love

oh how the words fly to me outta thin air

an embarrassment of riches

i disdain the humdrum i avoid the ordinary

tonight will be everything i say

and when its over

i’m gonna throw that money on the bed

she’ll see i wasnt just talking

then i’m gonna go out


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