posted on April 10, 2010 at 5:18 pm

steve kilbey sits at seattle airport
flying down to texas to meet my internet guru
spend three days in austin
too late for south by southwest
too early for summer
last night in seattle was a great gig
after we had a noisy troublemaker slung out
well he was warned
i couldnt tell if he was a disturbed individual
or on some weird psyche drug
or a nasty fellow just foolin’ w/ me
anyway seattle is really a great church town n they did us proud
great gig great turnout
great audients
so portland was good too
i dunno
i cant review myself no more
someone jump on here n review me please
flying to mini-apple-is after texas sojourn
start the grind over again
how you liking us so far?
we’re oldies but goldies
god i starting to look old now
just in the last couple a weeks
new lines
new sags
new bags
gravity working working working
pulling my face apart
i wanna live forever but i dont wanna age
gotta deal with it man
these things age you
no exercise
too much worrying
to much arguing
not enough ocean
not enough orgy-asms
not enough discipline
not enough physical n mental flexibility
not enough love
not enough rocknroll
hail hail rocknroll
aint it amazing i sitting at airport writing you guys
such dedication
such a nice time being
sharing with you hobbitses
nice time being wont bite
nice time being wont scratch
they calling my little plane
i gotta fly away away away
see ya in tex-ass then fiendss
will keep yas posted my little dears
lotsa lovey

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