posted on January 2, 2007 at 9:39 pm

gee fiendss
i hate to start the day off
with a negative feeling out there
but i think my fucking ipodd
just had a severe personality crisis
it cant get off the apple emblem
its going on and off n halfway on halfway blank
and to tell ya the truth i feel quite dismayed
i feel a little sick n worried that my carefully tended
hand selected filled with love n devotion machine
has contracted lunacy and is acting like a gone-un
i mean if it was my horse i’d have to shoot it
oh boy i hope i kept my warrantee
ha ha nervous laughter
sk : this isnt blogg i’s expecting to write
muse : get over it and stop crying over yer dead little friend there
sk : it cost like 600 bucks!
muse : what were you gonna listen to?
sk : the equatorial stars by f and e
muse : damn i like that that one too
sk : boo hoo
muse : when did you find out?
sk : just now! when i tried to turn it on..
muse : cant you get it fixed?
sk (miserably) i dont know….i dont know
muse : but a lovely view here nonetheless
sk : yeah…but i wanted some music
muse : course someone out there is thinking you should
play eye choons from ye olde lappy instead but…
sk : i cant cause im…
muse : on someone elses computer
sk : still i say boo hoo…
muse : describe your surroundings
sk : yer just trying to get my mind off my podd!
muse : shall i help you?
sk : go ahead…im fuckin’ too devastated here…
muse : sk is sitting in a study, a real study
like you might find leo g carroll or someone in
its walls are deep red
one door leading outside is black
another door leading to a room where e and m are asleep is wooden
the floor is wooden n polished
books line the wall
old tomes, medical textbooks
biographies of people long gone
the table he sits at seems to be a big plank of wood
with all its grains swirls whorls n stuff
outside the window are trees
strange pine-y looking trees with green mottled bark
a creek fed by the sea is still
as are the trees
the sky is a wan reluctant blue
sk is dressed in a black p=a tshirt brown shorts n explorer sox
he is tanned and trim but his face reveals tiredness n excess
sk : easy there…!
muse : down the south coast….where he loves it
sk : the south coast between sydney n melbourne
is some of the most beautiful, pleasant-climed
spiritually inspiring country in the world
muse : where your father died…just down the road
sk : yes…and that too…
muse : hows your mothers book going…
sk : was enjoying it till russell mentioned many !s
almost every sentence finishes in a ! (!)
muse : so what…?
sk : well i cant stop noticing em now…
muse : gentle birdsong fills the air
sk : im on holiday….
muse : by the seaside
sk(sadly): no keethy urbane though…
muse : its better this way…
sk : he wouldnt care if his ipod exploded…
muse : no i guess not
sk : is this the best we can come up with today?
muse : you wanna be fuckin’ lord tennyson every day?
sk : its just that, well, my readers…
muse : they cant expect baudelaire when ya pods kaput, man
sk : but…its just so unsatisfactory this way
muse : i know…we had a good blogge planned for today
sk : i was gonna reveal everything about…
muse : and all that deeply personal stuff about …
sk : shhh! ive changed my mind…im already being sued
muse : oh i forgot
sk : actually i was gonna tell the true story about..
muse : too soon too soon…keep that for later, ron
sk : yer right…as usual
muse : well i guess that is it then…
sk : yeah
muse : and yer trusty subscribers….
sk : fuck it! they better unnerstand im in shock n grief
muse : for a machine…some bohemian spiritual seeker…ha!
sk : im everybody and still a no-one

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