posted on June 3, 2006 at 2:16 pm

back in blighty fiendss
will fly to sweden tomorrow

i left ya yesterday at the pub nexta the gig in mad-rid
ok ok ok
well we did our gig
it was next ta sold out
they loved us
we were really goode
we were really together
they sang along to a lotta songs
probably our best show from some points of view
afterwards we get to hotel at 3 am
we get up at 6am
ride to airport
fly argentinian airways to gatwick
then a train
a taxi
tp gone to brighton to visit his sis
pk n i back at columbia hotel
i go off tomorrow morning to sweden
pete flies tomorrow nite to aust
the tour is over
hungary, london n madrid all big success
bilbao not too badde
dublin….well just say our oirish career
dont look too promising
cant see us ever playing there again
but who knows….
i’ll happily go there again
but i think we have almost no demand
lets see what ‘appens wiv it

im gonna visit my daughters e and m
see whats going on there
visit my swedish friends
the krallmanne
and mr marcus s
hang out in stockholm
i’ll be down eriksdahlsbadet in my bondi swimmers
doing my laps
youll see me there if yer lucky
or walkin round sodermalm
with my identical twillies
back in oz
scarlet bouncer has the croup
and e and a have made cookies
the european tour
such as it was is over
thanks if you came along
thanks to all the usual suss pects for yer help
specially sir kevin n
sir juan
the white widow
ah you know who ya are
no more bathing in glory
thank you
for helping this olde rocka to rock hard
plenty o life in this olde beast yet
i love ya like brothers fiends
ya always there for me
we got each other at least
we been thru a bit
we carried a bit of weight
mucho love
mucho kisses
love is all around you
hey krishna
hey rama
hey vishnu

the swedish series of bologgs
direct from sunny stockholm n more
swimming eating and shopping in skanda
twillies 15th birthday on 7th june
then a months rest back in oz
the u s tour
will they let me in this time…?
ok here we go again…..

i love ya

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